TRAVELLINGOpportunity. Joy. Adventure. Happiness. Content. Satisfaction. Introspection. Teacher. Travelling is all of these nouns and adjectives, combined. Travelling is to your soul, what a drop of water is to your body, in a lost boiling desert. Your soul is thirsty for adventures, traveling, and exploring. It is up to you, to quench its thirst. Travelling, is not just a weekend getaway, or vacationing in the summer holidays. It connects your soul to the nature, to the people. The best thing about this adventure is, that it doesn’t have an age requirement; only pure will. So, as the title suggests, more than places to travel, this blog is more about inspiring the readers to go find themselves, while exploring this world.

Travelling doesn’t mean you need to board the very next flight, and cancel off your upcoming meetings or projects, it can be a simple fifteen minutes stroll in the community park, a few miles away from your apartment. That little walk can give you a lot of perspective about life. You see the young children playing, stress free, and you start remembering the last time you laughed so much, and were as stress free. You see the old couple, very calm, and smiling all the way long, and arguing. You remember the last time when you were involved in the debating sessions with your friends, arguing which hangout spot is the best.


Now when you go to travel a city, or a country, you goal shouldn’t just be to cover all the natural site seeing areas, rather, it should be to learn. You need to go out there, observe. Observe the people, their culture, talk to those people, know their stories, know their recipes, know why they dress up, know which traditions they follow, and why.

Now of course, it’s easier said, than done. There are many people who may be very adventurous, who may be more spontaneous than any of us, but they might find it a little awkward to approach other people, and randomly strike up a conversation, or may find it difficult adjusting with the other culture. That’s it! That’s the moment you need to get out of your comfort zone. What’s the worst that could happen? The people might not respond back as enthusiastically, or even worse, they are extremely rude, or even worse, they don’t respond at all! But you need to push yourself, and realise, that not all people have the same personality. There are people out there, so willing, and so proud to introduce you to their country, city, tradition, rides, jewellery, food, that you cannot even imagine at the moment. You just have to ‘STOP NOT’. And that’s where the beauty of travelling lies. You learn, you get informed about the world, you get stories, you expand your horizon, you GROW as an individual!

So, why don’t we jot down the gains of traveling, so that you do yourself a favour!

  • Confidence: You gain confidence. When you go out to a place, where no one knows you, you are allowed to become a true, unadulterated version of yourself, and even though it might take three four trips, but the purpose is served.
  • Introspection: As you remove layer by layer, your insecurities, untrue personalities, you get to know yourself a little by little more!
  • Lessons: You learn. You learn about the world, you learn about science, you learn about life, and you cannot even predict how knowledgeable you become, in any given field, which might come handy in the near future.


  • Interesting personality: Now this, is without a doubt. As you keep travelling, you keep collecting details, stories, and challenges, about that place, and its people. So when you talk to a friend, or even a stranger, you have so many stories to talk about, and obviously, you come off as an interesting identity, which helps in your corporate world too. The excitement of packing your luggage, for a trip, is a different story in itself. Choosing the right lens, Packing the clothes rolled, so that they don’t occupy much space, packing your favourite blanket, are some of the many elements that release endorphins in your body from the very thought.


  • Health: Travelling is scientifically healthy for you, because it tends to make you happy, and also, serves as a kind of anti depressant. All you require is the first step.

So, hopefully, that was inspiring enough, so that you might want to research some blogs and videos about traveling! Youtube channel, Jacks Gap, bloggers of Travelettes, and various Instagram pages like Wander lust are a few handy recommendations.

Happy travelling!

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