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The Most Offbeat Places for Holidaying In India

Every tourist, Indian or otherwise, is given the same list of holiday destinations. A road trip to Ladakh, the beaches of...

AJMER – The City Of Love

RAM- RAM SA Kesariya balam padharo mahare desh- A song which truly signifies the royalty and gesture which anyone is going to feel as...

5 Offbeat Tourist Destinations of Rajasthan

The mysterious land of Rajasthan still echoes the ghost of its past. The ancient palaces, lovely villages, authentic cuisine, traditional wear of its people...


Opportunity. Joy. Adventure. Happiness. Content. Satisfaction. Introspection. Teacher. Travelling is all of these nouns and adjectives, combined. Travelling is to your soul, what a...

Travel. Not to get lost, but to find yourself.

My heart goes out to all of you. Yes you! To the millions, who are stuck doing the same desk jobs for years. It...

HAVELOCK : A Tropical Paradise in the Andaman Islands

Are you bored with your daily life? You probably are if you are working at the corporate sector: 8-8 everyday. You know what you...

Getaway to GOA

“Let’s go to Goa yaar” I can bet that this is the most common sentence heard or said during college life. Whenever we are...