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TO-DO LIST and why you need to make one NOW!

There is never a time when one has no tasks pending and none coming up. Even the moment when one has finished all the pending things, a new one appears out of nowhere. Moreover, not only work related things but there are many personal or family related things, as well. The goal is to manage things in such a way that there is no pressure and perform every task effectively. Here, TO-DO LIST comes into the picture!

perform every task in an organised way.
It is time to be as organised as Amy!

But…what is a TO-DO LIST?!

Firstly, when one has a lot in their plate, it is very normal to forget some things. To-Do list is basically a list of a number of tasks that are to be completed. It helps to have a collective mindset and not forget the things to be done.

Secondly, it requires commitment. Commitment is the most important essence of this list. It is because a person with no commitment can end up making a list daily and do absolutely nothing about it. This destroys the very essence of the list.

Importantly, one should not make their life a huge To-Do list and sit in a corner doing nothing to tick it off. To-Do list is not a mere arrangement of multiple things. Rather, it is much wider. It is a process of recognising what is to be done and ticking it off as soon as possible.

It can best work if added to the routine! A habit like a To-Do list helps one to be more productive and organised. Moreover, it can prove to be a great tool to manage busy days and balance different aspects of life (personal and professional).

If you are looking for something more about this list or why is it useful, here are some of its benefits!

Benefits of a TO-DO list!

TO-DO list provides clarity!

  • Organising and maintaining this list gives one a clear guide of the day.
  • In other words, it presents the tasks of the day in an articulate manner.
  • Moreover, one is able to mentally subtract the tasks of least importance while preparing the list.
  • It prevents the chaotic and unclear thoughts of the day and brightens the day with better organisation and focus!

Helps one remember every task

  • To-Do list enables one to have a complete list of all the due tasks. In other words, it makes it possible for one to remember every thing that is left to do.
  • Moreover, nowadays there are many applications that enable one to make a modern check off list and get consistent reminders, as well. For instance, GOOGLE TASKS. It is amazing to work with. In addition, it gives constant reminders at the time one selects.
  • However, written lists are the best. When things are written, it enables to remember better and have a better form of record.
  • In other words, it aids the memory. One can reduce the tension to remember EVERYTHING of their day!
  • Many a time, one is too involved in a task that the rest of the things completely slip out of the mind. Thus, TO-DO list makes it possible to have a collective objective in the form of a list.

A good planning tool

  • Firstly, maintaining this list is a great planning strategy. It enables one to manage the tasks more effectively.
  • As the process of planning leaves space for the uncertain occurrences of the future, TO-DO list allows to cooperate a contingent task too. Since, it gives one a list of all the things that have to be done, one can adjust new things in a better way.
  • Moreover, making the list at the start of the day gives the sense of planning a productive day.


  • When a list of all the due works is presented collectively, one can easily decide the order of importance of each. Thus, this list enables one to prioritise the work!
  • Moreover, one can easily rank the order of the tasks to do as per their urgency and importance. This is the best way to choose between different tasks. The criteria of urgency and importance allows one to select the major tasks first and then do the leftover ones.
  • In addition, for the days when the time to do something productive is less, one can easily select top three or four important task and leave the others for the next day.
  • As a result, it helps to have better focus on things that are important.
be self motivated
TO-DO LIST and why you need to make one NOW!

Makes one self-motivated

  • The feeling of checking off all the tasks at the end of the day is a true source of happiness!
  • Importantly, it works as a motivational tool too.
  • More tasks one checks off, more is the boost of confidence.
  • TO-DO list helps one to have a track of self growth and witness the progress. It is more like a personal tool to organise things and have a better clarity.
  • In addition, it gives a sense of accomplishment.
  • Hence, it reduces stress and increases motivation!

Better productivity

  • As it helps to prioritise and manage better, a lot of time is saved!
  • This helps to use the left time in a productive activity.
  • Moreover, it even saves more time as the time to think about the tasks that one must have forgotten, is also saved.
  • Hence, TO-DO list saves the time of mental distractions and offers one an opportunity to make the best of their time.

Things to taken care of:

  • Be realistic with the deadlines and the number of tasks.
  • Be committed.
  • Add timeline and deadlines to work better but leave some gap to be flexible with the uncertainties.
  • Always divide big tasks into bits, YOU CANNOT DO IT ALL AT ONCE.
  • Get the motivation to do better each day and do not gain over confidence!
  • Always keep in mind that there is always an uncertain part because of the future. So, leave some time and space for that!

To conclude…

to do list is easy to do
TO-DO LIST and why you need to make one NOW!

Just like every other thing, a TO-DO list has its own pros and cons. It is a very essential tool as discussed above. However, there are times when new things or interruptions occur and the list becomes of no use.

The TO-DO list should be made in such a way that it has details of the task and the deadlines, as well. One should use it as a good habit to be more productive and effective. Moreover, it helps to organise things in a better way and lead a less chaotic life!

Why not start writing a list of your due works from tomorrow?

Also, always be easy on yourself whenever you begin to have one! It becomes a habit in no time. It is to reduce your stress, not to add to it!


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