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10 Signs You Are Vainer Than Your Girlfriend

Everyone in this world believes that women loves to show off or they are more self obsessed than guys but you all are wrong my friends. Even Google accepts that guys are vainer than girls. in  case of couples it is mostly seen that boys are more self obsessed than girls. If you don’t believe so then these are some of the traits that would prove you wrong.

1.Focused on mirror than on girlfriend

10 Signs You Are Vainer Than Your GirlfriendWhen you are on a date, u might have gazed yourself more than your girlfriend. Rather than focusing on her u would have calculated the total number of windows and mirror in the restaurant and surely would have checked the clarity of the table glass.

2.Spend more bucks on sunscreen than your girlfriend10 Signs You Are Vainer Than Your Girlfriend

You are damn tensed about your skin. You refer sun as your sworn enemy. And you prefer more sunscreen lotion than your girlfriend and may be you spend almost half of your salary on it.

3.Love your muscles than your girl’s smile

Body image
10 Signs You Are Vainer Than Your Girlfriend

You are surely a gym freak. All boys are. But you love to maintain them and talk about them rather than observing your girlfriend’s beauty. You believe your physique is more sexy than your girl’s smile.

  1. Wont tolerate anyone’s comments on self

You love yourself. That’s good . but if someone or lets say your girlfriend ,comments on you or tell you to change some of your mistakes then you considered it as a great insult and suggest them not to poke their nose in it . you consider yourself as perfect.

5.You are a photoholic

You pose a lot for pictures than your girlfriend . sometimes you make them as your photographer too.

6.No uploads with your girlfriend

You are so fascinated about yourself that your facebook is flooded with your selfies  and you barely upload any pictures with your girlfriend. And  most of your selfies focused on your 6 pack abs. you are damn concerned about your status .

7.Borrow balm from your girlfriend10 Signs You Are Vainer Than Your Girlfriend

When you are hanging out with your girlfriend during winters  or visiting any dry places, then 1st thing you ask for is their lip balm. You are damn concerned that your lips are dry rather than what your girlfriend might think.

8.Like addiction

Facebook!!!!! You constantly check your facebook profile after you upload  a picture . You are more concerned about the number of likes and followers than the number of guys your girlfriend is hanging out with.

9.Expects daily compliments10 Signs You Are Vainer Than Your Girlfriend

Your personality means a lot to you. So you crave for more and more compliments from your girlfriend and friends. It works as the fuel to your dynamic personality .

10.Takes hours to get ready:10 Signs You Are Vainer Than Your Girlfriend

Sometimes you adopt women qualities like taking hours to get ready. May that be home, office or clubs, you take hours in the washroom to admire how you look. Completely self focused you are.


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