Top 10 Youtube Videos Of 2016

YouTube!! Just like Google, it’s more like our necessity than our entertainment. For any kind of videos the first thing that comes to our mind is YouTube. Sorry but can’t comment about porn. I guess for those you need better websites than YouTube. Jokes apart but yeah YouTube is at every household. But ever thought what majority love to surf in YouTube? No need to run your brains so much because am ready with the list of most viewed YouTube videos of 2015. Just have a look and judge how much your contribution in this is.

1.Gangnam Style

Top 10 Youtube Videos Of 2016

Ahh this song!!  No comments at all. Even a small kid is able to recognize this song. This song won almost everyone’s heart. Even though it was a humorous one but still it gained about everyone’s attention. Releasing on July 15, 2012, this video got about 2,482,229,419. Even till now also it’s the highest viewed video on YouTube. The singer and the producer of this amazing video is psy.

2.Blank Space

Top 10 Youtube Videos Of 2016

This is a song by the famous American song-writer Taylor Swift from the album 1989. The song was released to the radio by Republic Records on November 10, 2014. In July 2015 it became the fourth video to reach 1 billion views on Vevo. It’s also the most viewed music video by a female artist on YouTube and second most viewed video overall by getting 1,361,296,989 views.

3.See You Again

Top 10 Youtube Videos Of 2016

This song is from the film furious 7 like a tribute to the late Paul walker. Recorded by the famous American rapper Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth got about 1,277,870,405 which is considered as the third highest viewed video in YouTube.


Top 10 Youtube Videos Of 2016

I guess no one needs description of this video. It was in the hot gossip for a long time. For those who don’t have idea, this song was sung by Canadian singer Justin Bieber. This song was from his debut album my world 2.0 which released on February 19, 2010. This song was so much I gossip that it crossed about 1,262,979,640.

5.Uptown Funk

Top 10 Youtube Videos Of 2016

The song which streamed a record of 2.3 million times in a single week in the UK, is fifth most viewed video in YouTube. This song was recorded by British producer Mark Ronson, with vocals from American singer Bruno Mars for the album Uptown Special. This video got about 1,235,741,205 views in YouTube. Mark my words its worth watching.

6.Shake It Off

Top 10 Youtube Videos Of 2016

Shocked to see Taylor swift again? I must see this girl has got it may be that’s why another of her video is placed in this list. This time its shake it off from the same album 1989. Released on august 18 2014, this song won favorite song at the 2015 people’s choice awards. While the music video got positive reviews from music critics, the music video about 1,226,638,353 views.

7.Dark Horse

Top 10 Youtube Videos Of 2016

The song which became second best selling song in 2014 and sold about 3.2 millions of copies worldwide is the seventh most viewed video in 2015. Sung by Katy Perry and featuring rapper Juicy J, this song was originally released on September 17 2013 of the album prism and won about 1,220,718,719 people’s attention.


Top 10 Youtube Videos Of 2016

Here comes our Enrique. Obviously no one imagine this list without his song. Personally I am a diehard fan of his songs. I love them more than more than anything in this world. And this song of his is an absolute piece to die for. Belonging to the album sex and love, this song is sung by Enrique Iglesias and the Spanish version of this song features Jamaican singer Sean Paul. Two Portuguese versions this song was also released to the market. May be that’s why the music video got about 1,209,970,775 views. Apart from that who would miss to take a look of this handsome music video.


Top 10 Youtube Videos Of 2016

Again this girl is back with a bang. No this time its not taylor swift, it’s Katy Perry. Even though the song was praised a lot but its lyrics was in issues. It contained “clichés”. But that barely matters as the video got about 1,192,344,735 views becoming the 9th most viewed video in YouTube.

10.All About That Bass

Top 10 Youtube Videos Of 2016

Even though the singer may seem new to some but believe is a damn good entertainer. Its Meghan Trainor, whose debut single is placed in the 10th position. Even though the song was praised for the melody and vintage touch but the lyrics were criticized because of the anti-feminism touch. Still the video gained 1,176,725,727 views.

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