Things About People Who Love Horror Movies

The world is full of nice people made of sweet, spice and everything nice. But the adventure lot, is made of that scary feeling, the chills and everything ghostly.

According to me, movies can be categorized into good, bad, average and horror. Because, horror above everything else, bro, please! You would give up love walks or family talks for your late night horror movies. And that’s just the start…

  1. “What movie do you want to watch?” Anything horror!

Your world has no other genre, just horror. “What movie do you want to watch?” “horror” “Which one did you see the other day?” “Horror” “Which one did you like the most?” “The conjuring.”

Because that’s your answer to everything.

  1. Romance, A BIG NO! Thriller? FINE.

The closest to horror can possibly be a thriller/suspense movie. Not like you’re not a romantic one, but you love the chills during a horror movie more than kisses during a romantic movie.

  1. Dark room, and your favorite blanket. That’s your thing.

Unlike other people, you love dark rooms, haunted places and everything. There is your specific way of watching horror movies, dark room and your favorite blanket, may be one of them.

Lights on while a horror movie is a feel killer!

  1. *Screams during the movie* Come on! You can’t fall for that.

You could be as serious as you want in the day, but when it comes to some movie dates or hangouts to haunted places, messing around with other is your thing.

Your evil prank could be as small as shouting in someone’s ears while watching a movie, or as big as pretending to kill someone on the street, just to frighten your friend. Too much mess!

  1. Too much drama, I can’t breathe!

Drama is one thing, you don’t care much about that. But people who walk into your room and act like they want to watch the movie with you, and then they spoil the movie with their useless drama. Like, “oh God! please stop, I can’t watch it” “Can I please switch on the lights?” and “It’s for adults, we can’t see it.”

Grow up peeps.

  1. Nothing beats the ADRENALINE RUSH!

The best part about it is them scary feels, followed by the adrenaline rush. The movie can scare you to bits but even that wouldn’t stop you from watching it.

  1. *googles* best horror movies; “ watched, watched, yes, yes, OMG are there no movies left in the world”

You have almost seen all horror movies, of all times, and just can’t have enough. Everytime there is a movie plan, you would search for horror movies, and then get disappointed because there are no horror movies left in the world. Sad!

  1. Not many people know that the WBC count actually increases because of watching horror movies!

Yes, it’s scientifically proven that watching horror movies actually increase your WBC count. WBC’s are the soldier cells in your body that protect you from invaders like viruses and bacteria. So watching them does you good, go watch one now.

  1. Going to Bhangarh Fort? I’m in!

All the haunted places and all the graveyards, you want to go to each one of them. There can be no plan made without you, if it includes places like Bhangarh fort in India, etc.

  1. I’m blessed by satan!

Sometimes you feel that you have some different kind of blessing, by satan. Also,when you did something extremely evil ,you’ve been lucky. Weird? Yes.

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