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Best Universities In The World 2016-2017

Colleges/universities  are like engineers  to the building called ‘student’. The type of college decides the kind of future a student will have. There are some other plus points of colleges like jobs, partners etc but the main concern is the kind of person you have developed into. So to see yourself at the top ,you need to go to one of these top universities of the world, otherwise get yourself ready to be fitted into some random job profile you barely have expected. Good luck with your choice of future.

1.Massachusetts Institute Of Technology – MIT

MIT is considered as the best university in the world. Not only in the academic sector, it has many achievements in every field. MIT is responsible for world’s most significant scientific and technological breakthrough. Starting from nuclear fission, digital ink, email to human Genome project, everything is linked to this university. Then why won’t it be considered as the best.

2.Harvard University

Harvard University has Access to the best professors. This university gives you chance to pursue in whatever you are interested in. this university has the largest university in the world .the city of Boston provides the best environment for the students to be here.

3.University Of Cambridge

The specialty of this university is that there is no right background, no hidden test, nothing. They provide much opportunity like sports, arts, charity work etc. it has a right environment for involvement in academics and future research.

4.Stanford University

Let us start with the activities in this university as academics is common in every college. Stanford’s athletic team is the most dominating teams of America. Its campus is mesmerizing. Stanford’s Memorial Church is a centerpiece of its California campus. The professors of this university are the best in their field.  There is no reason that the university should not be placed in top 5.

5.California Institute Of Technology (Caltech)

Along with flat management system, and strict process of hiring of scholars , it provides a lots of chance to junior faculties and undergraduates for  real research program. Even though the campus is a small one still it is amazing enough to be placed in 5th position.

6.University Of Oxford

It is one of the oldest universities of the world, existing for 9 centuries. This isn’t a joke. U can imagine what the standard of this university is. It gives all the opportunity that a best university provides.

7.University College London

This college provides subjects starting from medicine to laws , languages to engineering and history to astrophysics. The main achivement of this university is that there is at least one Nobel Laureate from the UCL community every decade. This university is full of everything. That’s why they still justify the 7th position.

8.Imperial College London

It is famously said: ‘imperial college London- where it all begins’. The university totally justifies the title. It provides many facilities like specialist immigration advice to prospective and current Imperial students with particular expertise in Tier 4 (General) student visas, Short-term study visas and options to remain in the UK to work after study. Can you imagine that?

9.ETH Zurich-Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology

This university is famous for its students. They are considered as the busiest students in any university as they so many opportunity for their research works. The environment of this university is awesome and convincing. Maybe that’s why it still exists in top 10.

10.University Of Chicago

Even though it’s a private institution but still it has never disappointed the students. This university is mainly known for its devotion to open inquiry.thy also provide financial aids which offers a great help to the student to continue their studies in this great universities.


Priyanka Priyadarshinee
Priyanka Priyadarshinee
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