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Things to keep in mind before buying portable storage devices

Things to keep in mind before buying portable storage devices

Data security and storage are key points which consumers keep in mind before buying portabl storage devices. There are many other aspects which one needs to keep in consideration like money being invested, USB 3.0 vs 2.0 etc. Portable Storage devices in today’s world are also competing with the affordable online cloud storage options available.

With passage of time, there is a requirement to carry your data along. Some 5 years back people used to fulfill their requirement with help of CD’s , DVD’s but with the Improvement in technology and thank’s to recent DSLR’s and Mobile phones which are capable of making videos at 4K resolution, the need of storage devices has increased manifold. Buying Portable storage devices without considering the under mentioned points can create a lot of trouble for the consumer.

Various factors need to be considered before buying Portable storage devices.

1 Capacity of portable device

The speed with which consumers are becoming tech friendly, demand for storage devices is going to increase manifold. Amount of data generated by smart phone, tablets/iPad, DSLR’s is going to increase. SanDisk India also conducted a survey and got to know that approximately 50% of the users are facing problems related to storage. So a consumer must keep in mind capacity required before making an investment.

2 Price of portable devices

Price is an important factor to consider before buying Portable Storage devices. If consumer is able to get double capacity Storage device after paying slightly higher price, one can opt for the increased storage option.

For example-:

Let’s suppose that cost of 500 GB External HDD is Rs 3000 and 1TB External HDD costs Rs 4300 so one should opt for 1TB option.

3 Transfer speeds of portable devices

One of the most important factor to be kept in consideration is the transfer speed. There is an option of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. Obviously USB 3.0 has more speed than USB 2.0 but one need to check the compatibility that whether the device with which one is going to use their portable devices is USB 3.0 Compatible or not. Most of tech geeks recommend USB 3.0 these days.

4 Warranty factors

Portable devices are mechanical component and can have many problems in functioning over period of time. So consumer should try to get portable devices having minimum 3 years warranty and should not forget to get valid warranty card as a proof.

5 Durability and Ease of use

Portable devices such as External HDD, Thumb Drives may fall and become non-functional. So consumer is advised to go for metal drives instead of Plastic drives as metal drives are more durable and can absorb more shocks than plastic one’s.

Now a day’s portable HDD’s are having an option for accessing the data wirelessly on the smartphones with the help of their applications. These devices must offer a complete solution to manage the data effectively. So consumer need to keep in mind at least above mentioned points before investing their hard-earned money.

Once storage capacity is clear in mind of the consumer, Comparison can be done between various options made available by various vendors and pick one accordingly.


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