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Things only girls with a guy best friend will understand!

There’s a thing about us, girls, no matter how friendly we are with our girlies, we feel the most protected and comfortable with our guy best friends! Your guy best friend is your saviour, your hero and your better half.  He cuddles with you in your bad times, makes you fall in love with yourself every time you forget to. He’s the sweetest yet the most annoying guy in your life, sometimes you wonder why you love him!

I didn’t take a name, but he is all over your head right now! I’m sure you would want to see if your friendship relates to these,

  1. He’s your number 1 in almost everything!

Be it your woes or joys, biggest fears or deepest secrets, excitements or disgusts, successes or failures, he is the first one to hear about them! He could be miles away from you, and you might not even be in constant touch with each other, well, nothing can weaken your bond. You get your first salary, your professor is messing up your grade or whatever, he’s the one you would call first!

  1. Your family is so comfortable around him, they love him more than you and sometimes, you’re JEALOUS of it.

He’s been your homie for years! And you love that, but not all the time. Your mom makes his favourite dishes without him having to tell her, and your dad plays cards with him, just like a happy family. But meanwhile, no one pays attention on you and you’re all envious. NOBODY LOVES ME!

  1. Fights with him? NOWAY.

You guys don’t fight that often but when you do, nights get longer and the drama rises to level infinity. It’s worse than the pain of breakups with all your boyfriends, combined! Nevertheless, all your fights have made you stronger!

  1. You guys can talk about anything and everything.

Well, he is the one person who will never get bored of your shit! You can talk about the universe, to the sea rocks, to the night’s watch in the Game Of Thrones and he will listen to all of it. And he does not just listen to reply, he actually pays attention!

You’ve told him all the little details about you, and he remembers all of them without fail. Cute? YEESSSS.

  1. Need advices? Best friend alert!

In any dilemma, you always need him! Not because you can’t take your own decisions, but because he can tell you the things you might miss out on. Also, he would give the most honest opinion, as he can be that frank with you, without caring that you’d get hurt. He brings you back when you try doing something fishy, and covers up for you at home.

  1. Making fun of you is his daily dose.

Hah! You are almost immune to sarcastic comments on you, because you’re so used to them. Sarcasm? Bring it on!

  1. You have a million inside jokes with him!

“Remember Ms. Vinita from 7th grade with her twisted feet?” You have a million stories and a million inside jokes. You’ve met many people till now, but all of them fail to understand your jokes and treat you as retarded! It’s fine, they won’t get it!

  1. “Are you still friends with him?” *jealous*

“Best friends! And will always be!”You feel the happiest to answer this question, it’s like an IN-YOUR-FACE moment to the people who doubted your friendship in high school! Take that, bit***s!

  1. He would NEVER judge you!

He’s seen you dress up like a homeless retard, and like you were going to a red carpet event! He’s proud of you and how mad that you are. He would never judge you.

  1. You’ve made plans of marrying each other at least once, and FAILED MISERABLY.

None of your guy/girl friends are able to get your friendship, and you’ve faced a lot of breakups because of that! So, you have tried making plans of your marriage with him, but by the end of the conversation, you both would laugh on it! Fail!

(Though you have a secret pact of marrying each other at 40, if you end up alone!)

  1. Just chilling with him can make your day THE BEST OF ALL!

Netflix, and popcorn on a warm evening, fighting with him over which movie to watch and then not caring about the movie, and fighting over popcorn. Gosh!

You may do nothing at all together, and still have the most peaceful time.

I bet this made you go all mushy, so why waste time? Go call him, now and tell him,you love him!


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