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The Life of an Infatuation

When the stars shine a little brighter,
They call it love.
When everything is a reminder of them,
They call it love.
All ever wish for is a recipeocation
And even if there’s no chance
You always find a motivation.
You wonder how you look through their eyes,
Do they think of you as much as you do?
Or will they kill to talk to you?
You hope they discover you,
Though there’s no connection between you two.
But something deep inside keeps you going on.

You take your time.
You try and testthe waters.
Because at that moment,
Nothing else matters.
You let your hair down,
And wear that pretty gown.
You put on a little mascara,
And on your head you set a tiara.
‘Now would he see me?
Or should I change back to my tee?’
‘Now would I stand out?
And will he eventually say it out loud?’

You think and think,
Standing on the breaking brink.
But you’re left disappointed,
You’ll never be the one anointed.
Everything stands out clear,
You dawn on that you wasted tour time all these years.
‘Maybe we were never meant to be,
I was just too blind to see.’
‘He is Mr. Perfection,
And I’m still struggling with my distractions.’

You realise you were wrong all along.
That you were too stupid to dream of those fairytale songs.
That he’ll never notice.
That he’ll never be your first kiss.
And you give up.
Back to square one.
You went back to how it used to be.
Sitting in the cafeteria,
Staring at him with glee.

Then you decide,
‘This is the end.
There’s nothing that could’ve happened.’
You leave.
With the intention of never looking back.
Thinking that maybe life has something else in its sack.
You skipped school for the entire week.
And eventually you gained enough courage to face it.
You were heartbroken,
Your hair were back in a messy bun.
You acted like it never happened,
Perhaps, this was the end.
This looked like a fresh beginning,
The time to let go of the heartbreak songs to sing.
Until he called you over that day,
And the infatuation came running back like it never went away.


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