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That’s How She Met God

Once upon a time, she sat under a tree. Free spirited and innocent. Unaware of the world outside, she laughed, she skipped and she smiled. Education had not weighed her down yet. No sir, that road was not meant for her. She was Mamma’s little angel and Daddy’s little princess.

She bore neither evil nor any good. Her innocence was her only superpower. She thought nothing bad could happen. She loved God and she was sure that He loved her too. At least that’s what Mamma told her every night before bed.  Daddy would get her dolls and Mamma would sew her dresses that would put any princess to shame.

She did not live in a castle, but her childhood was her beauty after all. She would look at the butterflies and wonder if she could fly.

She knew happiness bore no boundaries, and that life was meant to be carefree.

Until that fateful night when she lost it all. Her innocence, her happiness and her parents. The water splashed in the middle of the night. She thought it is over, but life had a funny game planned for her. The night of the tsunami was the least horrid thing that could happen.

She saw her mother go pale. Daddy had to leave, he said he had to go get her dolls. She held the forever silent mother tightly and said God would protect her. Her prayers did not last, the beloved mother now turned into ash. That night she lost it all, her mother, her childhood, and her happiness. Her life welcomed with open arms the evil that would now befall.

That's How She Met God

Daddy said he was sending her to a new home where there would be plenty of dolls. Where the house was like a castle. It is God’s home, he said. The God will be a human just like you and me. However, you have to obey him, for whatever his order be.

She was excited, she knew she could meet her mother now, and meet the person who would love her the most. She was meeting God.

The castle was beautiful, so were the people. God had a little princess in his lap, who was beautiful as ever. God paid daddy well and thus left the father his princess into God’s care.

Yes, she received love, so much that most of her skin was now purple and red. Each night she slept well because her tears accompanied her. Before the sun rose she would rise. She had to take care of the little princess after all. Else, God will be angry and will punish her. She had forgotten the warmth of the embrace of her mother, Daddy was right, they gave her plenty toys to play with, the mops, broom, a real kitchen set and beautiful clothes she could play along with the soap water.

The days of her life passed. When she was a child she was of some use, but now she was old and not so energetic. Something had to be done. God threw her out of the castle. She never understood why. She obeyed him all the time, so why would he ask her to leave?

She walked around hungry, eating from garbage piles. And one day she saw herself in the water and asked “If this is God, then what is bad? If that was God then, who is the demon?”

But then one night, tired from the “good” in the world, she heard her mother’s voice, it came from the lake nearby. She walked towards it. She no longer knew what was true and what was a mere illusion. Hence here she walked, not caring, becoming the person she once was. She kept on walking deeper in the river as her mother’s voice grew louder. Finally, she woke up into her mother’s embrace, and now she knew that God truly exists.

That's How She Met God


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Aditi Kanchan
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