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It is strange how a small hobby can turn to your passion and you deliberately try to improvise it. The same happened to Arya when her first poem won the literary award, she knew there was something very soothing about writing. It gave her a way to express her thoughts more vividly and bring her imagination to life. The shaping of imagination molded her to be a better person, but she knew that this was just a new way of learning. The learning was a never ending process and she had to keep it at a smooth moving pace.

andaleeb-759She became an avid blogger and soon people started recognizing the potential she had, maybe she always had it, but what held her back was the lack of confidence in her own writing that backfired her ideas. Many times it happens that we are good at something but just the fear of rejection makes us take a step backward. We feel that there are many out there who may be better at this than I’m, but you need to give away these thoughts and take a risk to get somewhere. Arya took it, she accepted that whatever is happening now is just the beginning of a bigger dream to be fulfilled. She knew she wanted to be a published author one day, she wanted to convey a story to this world.

She wanted the reader to live and enjoy her imagination, this would mean success to her. She accepted the challenge, and as it is said, hard work pays off. The lone time in front of the laptop, cups of coffee one after another, just to keep the mind fresh and thoughtful, breaking strings from the world to get fully involved within the life of her novel characters. This sounds to be fun and interesting but actually living through it, needs a higher level of dedication and morale. After the draft was ready she still was just a half way around, waiting for someone to read the manuscript and taking feedbacks was also a difficult task. Visiting the publishers and facing rejection was never an easy thing, but even the diamond has to go through cutting and crimping to emerge perfectly.

Now, today after two years of struggle, she finally held the copy of her first book. The cover page of it was just the way she wanted and reading the name of author brought a hundred billion smile on her face. The frustration of being rejected by publishers and the criticism she faced had finally turned out to make her a better bestseller. Her debut novel had hit it off well and it was a long way to go.


Finally a Writer…my journey from taking down notes to signing the copies of my novel

Arya Mathur

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