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"To write means more than putting pretty words on a page; The act of writing is to share a part of your soul with the world" I write what I like, what I feel and what I perceive, that is all about me.
mother and

That’s How She Met God

Once upon a time, she sat under a tree. Free spirited and innocent. Unaware of the world outside, she laughed, she skipped and she...
dream cacher

Dream Catchers

Have you ever wondered how a foreign object becomes ever so familiar? But not as familiar as you don’t know the meaning it holds....
Humayun’s tomb

With Love From Mughals

The architecture in Delhi is adorned by the jewels that the Mughals left in the form of their exuberant palaces and tombs. Many of...

It’s the Small Things That Count

Since our early childhood days, we had been taught to always aim “big”. ‘Dream big kids, the sky is your limit’, our moms and...

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The simplicity in him lay the secret of his ability to connect with people, across the boundaries of age, class, religion, and region. Active till...