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Moving to a new place

We can't start the new chapter of our life if we keep re-reading the last one.

There is a notion about life that however hard it is to blend in the surroundings, it is harder to leave it. We get used to everything around us, sometimes even subconsciously we will inevitably go to the familiar point in concern. Nevertheless, adapting to a new set of social norms and expectations, while being true to you, is never easy.


New opportunities waiting for us to be explored. That’s what life is.

Some of us might be shifting to live in another house due to several possible reasons. The current place where you have lived for many years is still easy for you. But the transition needs to be made. Learning about the new environment in advance will be helpful but if it is not the case, it is fine with starting to familiarize with the standards and opportunities to connect.

If the change involves a move to a new city, state or country we need to get out and explore. The more we know our way around, the more comfortable we feel. On the first day to the new job, it is important to keep in mind that whatever uneasiness I feel towards my colleagues, they are uncertain about me too. It will take time to build myself a strong platform by their support.


Change in place is not associated with the change in location only because there are many contexts to it.

After marriage, a woman leaves her childhood home and moves to live with her husband and his family. She has to adapt herself to everything and also needs to be strong and steady about herself. In today’s scenario, both husband and wife are working to live efficiently. Although nobody can take the place of a woman’s responsibility and sensibility but considerate and humble gentlemen are coming forward to share the everyday responsibilities. Better education and respectable morals has a major hand in this increased awareness. They both start the new chapter of their life together. This change in their lifestyle from their respective previous lives was possible when they decided to move forward and become a support for one another.

Be strong in life!

People suffering from some emotional stress and pain need to close the door to the past and step forward in the future. It is definitely not as easy as being said but taking the first step is all that is needed. After that the passage of life will open itself in front of us clearly. We just have to be determined enough to take the first step.


We keep moving forward because we are keen to learn more; enthusiastic to see more and strong to feel more and this curiosity makes us move on.


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