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Tattoos the Art of Ink 

How new things sometimes repel us from itself. It was when I was growing up , I heard about people getting inked . I , personally, was never in favour of getting a tattoo on my body as for me , I didn’t get the idea of inflicting so much pain on one’s body parts for getting it painted in some angular or floral or calligraphic forms.
One day, while surfing the internet, I read something that hit me hard enough to change my perception . There it said: “Tattoos- The only thing you take to your grave.” These words carved into me the love for tattoos as it felt to be the only permanent thing in life then.
However , getting something on your body so permanent that you probably don’t want to get rid of is a mental impression to be properly hunched upon. Moreover, don’t you want to add deep meanings to your tattoos so that it could sound significant even after 10 or 15 years ? Here’s the space where I could give you a little help.

So,tattoo lovers,following are some of the tattoos with deep meanings :

  1. The Sun , the ocean and the mountain.

    Tattoos the Art of Ink 

This alluring tattoo has a meaning deep enough to impress onto your minds. the Sun here depicts hope, ocean success or rise and mountain for firmness. So, fused together, there is hope , should ocean rise , mountains fall.

2. Compass:

                             Tattoos the Art of Ink 

The basic meaning of this sign is direction but in today’s industry of art and fashion, it has got diverse meanings .For some, this sign stands for focus, for the tattoo bearer to remember the importance of focus in life and future.

Whereas, for some, this symbol designate the idea of leaving their jones , getting past a bad phase and starting a firm and fresh life ahead.

3. Swallow :Tattoos the Art of Ink 

This symbolises Return . This is inspired from the belief that like how Swallow always return to San Juan Capistrano , it should help the bearer to make a return to its life . Also, it depicts the notion that if the sailor of life (the human) drowns ,the swallow will fetch their essence to the celestial city or Nirvana.

4. Bare Tree :
Tattoos the Art of Ink 

The Bare Tree depicts sacrifice or Loss. A tree without leaves symbolises the forfeiture of a loved one or reminiscence of the lost lover or loved ones.

5. Semi- Colon :Tattoos the Art of Ink 

This exemplifies Continuation.  It means a ‘pause’ in a sentence and not an end. It says that sometimes, in life, it seems that everything is on an end but it, eventually, goes on.

6. World Map:Tattoos the Art of Ink 

This is for those travel bugs who love to explore different languages, intellects , etiquette, places, etc and in short, i meant the world . For some, it also ,means carrying the world onto yourself.

7.Infinity:Tattoos the Art of Ink 

This is distinctly popular for the Never Ending Journeys or Loops. It also means endless love or the idea of Rebirth and Reincarnation as well. It defies the idea of limitations and gives a hope for never ending opportunities. This symbol also depicts the universe and all its possibilities.

8. The Sun and The Moon:Tattoos the Art of Ink 

The Sun is the symbol of birth ,Strength and Power or masculinity; whereas the Moon is associated with superiority of women in many cultures in the form of their godship. consequently, it signifies the presence and equality of both the genders in universe.

so, what would be your next tattoo? Do share here!



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