One of the many side effects of staying in a fast paced city like Mumbai is that most of us lead a hectic and busy life style. We often come home tired and aching. Tired because of our strenuous work schedules and aching because we brave the crowds in the local transportation that most of use. Some of us are so tensed and stressed that we forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and fail to find happiness in things that once gave us joy…

Well, if you are relating to this, then you might be in trouble. New research has proved hat stress can not only rob sleep and cause mood swings but can affect us at a deeper level. Read on to find out!!!

                            save your heart!

People who suffer from stress often drink and smoke more to fell relaxed and easy. This had a negative effect on our heart and blood vessels. It is a known fact that excessive smoking causes narrowing up of the arteries because of build-up of fatty material causing angina, heart attack or even stroke!

Moreover, researches have proved that constant stress causes your blood vessels to constrict, thus the heart has to do extra effort to make sure that your blood reaches all your body parts. Your poor heart now has to do extra effort and as a result is more prone to diseases and heart attacks.




The relationship between the mind and the body is often underestimated and is not taken seriously. Most of us fall ill during exam time or when we have to give an important presentation. This is because the body’s immune system is linked to our thoughts and feelings. Stress also gives chronic conditions the green light- liver damage, skin ailments, lung disease and even some forms of cancer are linked to stress.

Most studies agree that, once the patient has been removed from stressful environment of when he is advised to combat stress- by meditation and exercise his disease disappears faster. To all the people out there who suffer from a weak immune system and are constantly ill check your stress level, you never know it might be the culprit.



Fat man eating junk food

Most of us have a habit of over eating when we are stressed. One reason of this is that stress can cause hormone imbalance and play havoc with our blood sugar level which makes us crave sweets and chocolates. The second reason is that, whenever we are stressed or in a tight spot we crave what we call our comfort food, be it chips or cheesy stuff.

Both of these things increase our weight and cause even more hormonal imbalance, so it a never ending and vicious cycle.


People often grit and grind their teeth when they are stressed. Grinding your teeth sometimes is acceptable but if you are doing it all the time, even in your sleep then its harmful.

Some people who are stressed all the time, even when they sleep. Because of this they continuously keep grinding their teeth together. This causes lasting damage to your jaw. Doctors have also linked stress to cause teeth thinning and gum problems. So folks, if you don’t want to lose your teeth early on, it is imperative that you stop stressing and start living!


Above are the top four harmful effects of stress, there might be many others adverse effects of stress which are still lurking out of site. So it is imperative that we do our best to fight stress: by eating right, staying healthy and keeping calm.


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