Top 10 Love Stories by Indian Authors One must Read

India is a country where people love to read “love stories”. There are a number of souls who like a romantic Shahrukh’s Khan movie  🎬 as well as novels 📖 of Chetan Bhagat. In fact, there were novels which turned into blockbuster movies. Hence, here is the list of top ten love stories written by Indian authors which are mostly based on stories of real people.

1. I too had a love story

A beautiful debut novel of the author which is based on the story of the real people. Those souls who have really suffered the pain of love, who get to know the meaning of living for each other. Further, the novel has ravishingly explore the emotions and feelings when we lose our love. It is a modern love story where commitment finds a new meaning. It tells that not everyone gets the chance to cherish the love at its fullest. Some take birth just to experience it. Furthermore, a beautiful deep line from the novel, “she died, I survived and because I survived, I died daily”.

Novel         – I too had a love story (2008)

Author      – Ravinder Singh

An unconditional love story of Ravin and Khushi.

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2. Your Dreams are Mine now

A story that makes a reader smile like heaven and cry like hell. This novel will rekindle the trust of the people in love. This is the innocent story of a young boy and a girl. Here they both fight against the evil which takes the ultimate test of their lives. In the novel, a girl get raped on the professors order by some cheap and cruel peers. Then the professor get jailed because of his cheap work. And there was a young boy who loved her with the same passion. Even after knowing that there is nothing in common with their priorities and interests. This love story will evoke the powerful emotions in the heart of each and every soul. 

Novel    – your dreams are mine now

Author – Ravinder Singh

An unconditional love story of Arun and Rupali. 

3. Revolution 2020

A beautifully described love story with love, betrayal and friendship. According to Some people, it is not a love story but it is in a way it is portrayed. It is a story of a boy who was confident to launch his own newspaper “revolution 2020”. The motive was to expose the corrupt system of India and to change the world. As how the politicians can see themselves in the mirror, they make that newspaper shut. Between all this, a girl came into his life and there begins the immortal love story of the couple. The book has incredible beautiful pearls of the story. This will make the readers spellbound. 

Novel      – Revolution 2020

Author   – Chetan Bhagat

An unconditional love story of Raghav and Aarti.

4. Will, you still love me

an heart melting love story…!!

This intense love story goes deep with the twists and turns. This will make the reader guessing till the very end of the story. Basically it is the story of a boy who is very simple and belongs from Punjab (Patiala). And a beautiful, adorable girl who is from the northeast. This beautiful story starts from the scene of exchanging of bags at the airport. Which seen a number of times in the Bollywood movies also. This is a kind of story which will make the reader smile, cry and also will make them to feel the pain of separation. 

Novel    – will you still love me

Author – Ravinder Singh

An unconditional love story of Rajveer and Lavanya. 

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5. 2 States

A famous super hit movie 2 states was from this novel. This is the story of a couple who are from two different states. A beautiful concept was portrayed which describes the acceptance of the couple to their parents. As this was a big hurdle for the couple to convince their parents due to the different backgrounds. This story is basically the part of the life of the author. It is a ravishing love story which is different from typical ones. It will be a suggestion for the readers to read the novel instead of watching the movie.

Novel    – 2 states

Author – Chetan Bhagat

An unconditional love story of Krish and Ananya

6. Anything for you ma’am

This story comes with the innovate change from the typical stories of the Chetan bhagat. This Indian love story is of the mechanical engineering student of IIT, Delhi. The boy intensely fall in love with the best friend of her sister. The guy makes a lot of lies to his parents and teachers and put his currier in danger as well. However, destiny was not on his side. Here the boy move north to south for the girl as she is from Chennai. And in this journey, he meets a lot of co-passengers. The author has beautifully portrayed the geographical changes which will witness the journey of the boy.

Novel    – anything for you ma’am

Author – Tushar Raheja

An unconditional love story of Tejas and Shreya.

7. Love happens only once rest is just life

This is a teenage love story. The story comes with the relations of the boy. A flirty boy who used to date girls around him. He did this until he get someone perfect for him. He realised that he was truly in love with that girl. But the question arises was that will that girl accept him with the changes? Or, reject him due to his past records? These questions will be solved after reading this story. This will make the reader believe in love strongly.

Novel     – love happens only once…. Rest is just life

Author  – Rochak Bhatnagar

8. This love that feels right

As we all know in this world no one born without problems. All have to suffer according to their fate. This story comes with an adorable married girl who fell in love with her gym trainer. As she was not happy in her married life. So, a line from the novel she told to herself “ avoid falling in love, ‘love is not for you’”. As every girl likes to be loved by someone, she also felt that every time. That girl has accepted her life the way it was until the uninvited and unannounced love came to her life. To know what happened between the couple the readers have to fetch this novel. This intense love story will shake the beliefs of every reader for love. 

Novel    – this love that feels right

Author – Ravinder Singh

An unconditional love story of Naina. 

9. The promise

There are some promises which are worth in keeping. 2 lives, 2 people and 1 unfulfilled promise. Further, this is the story of the girl who makes the heart of the boy implore. This forces the boy to give trust and love to her. They get into a relationship to live together for forever in their lives. But When the tragedy strikes, was they stood enough to face it or fell down and have given up the things. Readers can know the tragedy and the result after reading this book.

Novel   – the promise

Author- Nikita Singh

 10. Truly, madly, deeply

This is an intense deep love story. Every teenager can connect their story with this novel in their different ways. What will happen if the most popular boy in the school fall in love with a shy girl?  Teachers and friends all have approved their relationship even they were happy with their decision. When everything was going smoothly then what was bothering her? This teenage love story will answer all the questions in the readers mind. So go on have a look.

Novel    – truly, madly, deeply

Author- Faraaz Kazi

An unconditional love story of Rahul and Seema. 

So were are up with a list of the top 10 love stories given by the Indian authors. These were the stories which will give the readers a new perspective for love. These love stories will answer the problems related to the real-life of the reader. So hurry up give a look towards these novels.

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