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The Trending Memes of 2020

Another year is done and dusted. Admitted, 2019 had its high’s and low’s, but one cannot deny that it gifted netizens with some great memes. Ever since the popularity of social media soared, memes have become an almost inseparable part of our lives. 2019 was no exception, rather exemplary. With 2019 giving way to 2020, let’s retrospect into the memes that solidified the 2019 internet experience for us. Let’s check out the Memes 2020.

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The World Record Egg Memes 2020

Instagram was taken by storm after an egg, that’s right. an egg captured the attention of all users. Here is the famous post:

The record was previously held by Kylie Jenner, a whopping 18 million hearts. However, this simple random egg seemed to defeat her gloriously, garnering 53 million hearts. It didn’t take too long to achieve this feat, as the post was shared and re-shared on the platform. Obviously, there arrived memes. Not only is it the highest liked image on Instagram, but also on all social media platforms.

The original image was taken by Serghei Platanov, who put it on Shutterstock. The image doesn’t exhibit anything extravagant, it was the mere unity of Instagram users to topple a model that did the job when @world_record_egg posted it. It was soon revealed that the creator of the account was a British advertising creative, Chris Godfrey.

The Exasperated Cricket Fan Memes 2020

In a cricket match, the camera never simply stays on the field but pans and zooms to record the reaction of the crowd. It was during a match between Pakistan and Australia that the camera captured a Pakistani fan exasperated with Pakistan’s batting. It has become perhaps the most popular meme in India, finding a place in thousands of relatable memes.

For example, this-



It kept going on-


Guess what! The real dude, Muhammad Sarim Akhtar, basked in the meme glory instead of maintaining his exasperated expression. He from tweeted in another match

He became so famous that fans started sporting t-shirts with his meme face on them.


Even that could not escape the meme fever!


Crazy but true, this meme has been one of the rare ones that has stayed all throughout the year.

Balidaan Time Memes 2020

2019 was also the year the extremely awaited season 2 of Sacred Games was aired. If it lived up to the audience’s expectations is another story, but it surely led to the birth of memes, the most popular being Guruji’s dialogue “Balidaan Dena Hoga”. Right from memes about college and work, to current affairs and sports, the meme spread across social media pretty fast.

Trending Memes Of 2019
Trending Memes Of 2019

Though the meme did not live as much as the Exasperated Dude, it still made a mark. Not to forget, while it was, it was in all its glory.

We Live in a Society Memes 2020

Indeed, with movies like Joker finding popularity among the audience, it can be easily said that we live in an extremely messed up society that can be hypocrite, hateful, partial society that draws lines between classes, marginalizing the minorities, the poverty-stricken mass, oppressing the powerless- the list goes on. This meme trend was a way to capture this very essence in a lighter, more subtle way so that the message is clear but the medium is not rough.

But can’t lie, the meme trend does have a humorous twist to it, often sarcastically mocking something or someone. Who said satire has to be devoid of farce?

Trending Memes Of 2019
Trending Memes Of 2019
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This brings us to the next big meme trend that engulfed the internet.

The JCB Memes 2020

For a long time, nobody knew the origin of the #JCBmemes. But the memes were raging: it extended to people posing with random JCB vehicles and posting them on social media. Automatically curiosity arose, and soon the story was out. And it seemed that the origin of the meme wasn’t just #JCBKiKhudai became raging after people discovered that videos on YouTube showing JCB ki khudai were not just popular, but also many had over a million views. Some say the meme started with Sunny Leone’s post-


Some said it was a minister who said, people are unemployed in such large numbers that they’ll stand and watch JCB ki khudai for hours. Whatever it be, the meme spread like fire!


Even the official Twitter handle of JCB went with the meme trend.

Before it’s popularity waned, there was hardly anyone who did not complain of a newsfeed full of JCB memes!

Chal Jhootha Memes 2020

After Kesari was released, inadvertently memes arose, regardless of the genre and mood of the film. And the most famous scene that was considered was Akshay Kumar saying “Chal jhootha” in loads of memes that were shared.

Trending Memes Of 2019
Trending Memes Of 2019

It seems, Akshay Kumar has always won the meme game, and 2020 was a glorious year for him in the meme circle.

One cannot lie, the phrase would come in handy so many times a day. If only you could shove the meme on the face of all the lying people around you!

Chilling Chahal Memes 2020

The cricket field seems to be giving memers a field day! (winks)

Sportsperson on the field often react on instinct, fans show their honest reaction, but some have made a good use of the panning camera by acting as the seed for a meme. Chahal won the game.

Chahal was spotted taking rest on the field. Memes followed him fast enough.

Trending Memes Of 2019

Raid Area 51 Memes 2020

The famous Area 51 in the US is a restricted area only open to government personnel, the army, and, as per netizens, aliens. The social media users were convinced that sealing off Area 51, one of the strongest government of the world was hiding away aliens that have commuted to the earth, and propagating the narrative that aliens do not exist.

So, “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us All” event was created on Facebook by user Matt Roberts on July 27, 2019. The event was scheduled on September 20th, and millions of people signed up for the event, at least online. The hype was huge and memes spammed the walls of social media users for a considerable amount of time.


Something close to the raid did happen, as people showed up in front of the gates. But the flood of people and the planned Naruto Run did not happen, and the number of people wasn’t much. The hype had not just died out, but had involved a lot of people who are non-Americans. But hey, the memes were fun!


Even the History Channel aired an episode of Ancient Aliens on the Area 51.

The existence of aliens may be doubtful, but the entertainment of Area 51 memes is undoubtedly one of the best experience in existence.

Land Kara Do Bas

How often do we sign up for an experience but regret it soon after it begins? While we don’t really get to document the experience, this man went paragliding and captured the whole experience, including him pleading to the guide, “Land kara de” multiple times. The video of him making faces and cursing while the guide tries desperately trying to keep things smooth had gone viral, and soon enough the memes exploded.


The guy who posted the original video apparently saw a great opportunity in the fame he was achieving through the memes, and made promises to the internet-

Me and the Boys

This one went famous internationally, featuring four people, mainly villains for Spiderman, meant to show that the four guys are chilling while carrying out an activity, although later the characters have been altered as per the context of the meme.

Originally it looks like this-

Image result for me and the boys

The meme game has given this template the push it needed to become popular.

Image result for me and the boys
Image result for me and the boys

The Cat and the Woman

The woman screams while being held back; the cat stares bewildered. This meme template went pretty viral. People thought the two images come from the same source. However, it was soon discovered that the two images come from two different places.


But that didn’t mean the meme was in any way fading. Apparently, the cat’s name is Smudge, and he’s from Ottawa. He hates salad. And he loves to share the table with his owner’s family. One day, however, his seat was offered to a guest who was having salad. Unimpressed, Smudge tried to retake his chair but was further perturbed on finding the salad at his seat. A snap right on time and Smudge went famous worldwide with the meme.

The memes went berserk!

Enthusiastic people even recreated the meme!


This meme is still alive, though not as bright as its initial popularity, but while a lot of memes die out in the fast paced social media experience, staying alive well into the new year is indeed a feat!

Joker (dir. Todd Phillips); Meme Material 100%

There is no denying that Jokeri was a serious movie throwing light on society. It reflected the We Live in a Society meme, if the reference is to be made: the hypocritical upper class constantly pushing down the oppressed lower class. Arthur is a troubled man with an abusive childhood, living with his mother only. As it turns out, he is a schizophrenic, hallucinating much of the stuff he (as well as we the audience) sees, left with no therapy sessions after the free counselling facility was stopped by the government, and some hints suggest the whole movie is a part of his dream. There are many strong dialogues and the storyline is impressive. However, even this one couldn’t escape the meme fever. How could it? The more popular something is, the more memes are made out of it.

Here are some of the memes Joker gifted us.


Crossover memes! Because, why not? The more memes, the better.

Image result for joker memes

That is extremely Indian!

Image result for joker memes

So many templates! So many scenes! So many memes!

Baby Yoda

This meme gained popularity near the end of the year. The first episode of Mandalorian, a part of the Star Wars franchise, aired on 12th November, 2019. And ever since then, the extremely cute and adorable “Baby Yoda” memes have won over the internet. It features a baby from Yoda’s species that makes an appearance on the show, and netizens can’t get enough of its cuteness.

We just can’t get enough of this cuteness!

Endgame Memes

In December, “we’re in the Endgame now”.

The much anticipated Marvel movie was supposed to conclude phase 3 of MCU with 10 years of movies building up to this. If it was a disappointment or a big win, is a debate for another time. But the best contribution of the movie were the memes.

The hype around Avengers: Endgame was like a fire, and a lot of people tried to watch it illegally online, while others fought to get tickets as early as possible. People were asked to hold back spoilers until a certain period of time. When the restriction was pulled off, the memes flooded.

What about another crossover meme?

Undoubtedly, the meme rage of 2020 was in no way bleaker than its predecessors. And it can be easily said that 2020 will be no less entertaining. These are just some of the memes that raged in 2020. You can add more memes right below in the comment section. And let’s wait until the new year to unearth a new set of memes that will keep the meme game alive in the next decade as well.

Titas Choudhury
Titas Choudhury
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