Title Sponsorship for IPL 2020 (After Chinese Brand Vivo Boycotted)

Indian Premiere League is one of the most popular franchise among the cricket fans in India. It is usually a tournament that last for around two months. IPL broadcasts regular matches of 20 overs for that period of time. Well, needless to say, no sports fan can hate watching a cricket match with A-listed players every day. Moreover a 20-20 match has constant action throughout the game, much faster and thrilling than international cricket.

Over the years, IPL has been a major source of entertainment for the fans. It never fails to astonish us with its nail-biting match endings. One of the most unique things about IPL is the distribution of players among the teams. All the international cricket players are auctioned by different state teams and highest bidder gets the player. However, watching the mix up of players from different nations and blending in as a team is highly fascinating. The growing friendships, mockery and friendly banters on the field is sure to give you smiles. Apart from the teams with jumbled cricketers, Indian Premiere League gives an opportunity to the younger players from India to showcase their talent.

Apart from the actual cricket matches, keeping track of the highest run scorer or highest wicket taker is also highly intriguing. Choosing a favorite batsman or a bowler and rooting for him makes us want to follow the whole season regularly. With 8 different teams, 8 different jerseys and 100s of players around the world, these two months are certainly the colourful days of cricket.

IPL 2020

Title Sponsorship for IPL 2020 (After Chinese Brand Vivo Boycotted)

Indian Premiere League is the time of the year everybody waits for eagerly. The tournament takes place beginning from the month of March and goes all the way till May. It is one of the treats of summer vacation which a fan enjoys throughout the months. However, IPL 2020 was in a lot of uncertainty due to the pandemic around the world. The delaying IPL raised questions among the fans, sponsors and franchise if it was a possibility.

IPL 2020 is finally happening after 4 months of consecutive obstruction for the event. BCCI has approved the IPL 2020 to take place from 19th September to 10th November 2020. However, due to the rising cases and worsening conditions in India, IPL will take place in UAE. All of the matches are going to take place in three different places, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The 13th season of IPL is on its way to attract the crowd once again and provide the enthusiasm amidst the pandemic.   

Dream 11 approved for the Title Sponsorship of IPL 2020

Title Sponsorship for IPL 2020 (After Chinese Brand Vivo Boycotted)

The announcement of the possibility of IPL 2020 was a topic of discussion among a large crowd. However, the IPL 2020 was a sure thing by June, 2020. Confirmation of the possibility were raising a lot of questions regarding the title sponsor of the franchise. Due to the recent growing feuds with China, the original brand for the title sponsorship, Vivo was stripped off by BCCI.

Due to the empty position for a title sponsor, a lot of huge industrialists came forward for the spot. Among the contenders of the auction were Patanjali, Unacademy, BYJU’s, Amazon, Paytm and Dream 11. Also, names like Tata, Reliance and Coco Cola came into play as an option to cover the losses of Vivo’s exit. BCCI decided to offer sponsorship to the mega companies if none of the other sponsors were offering at least Rs.300cr. However, the title sponsorship right is bagged by the fantasy cricket league app, Dream11.

Dream11 has won the title sponsorship for IPL 2020. According to PTI, it has been confirmed that a 4-and-a-half-month deal has been signed for joining hands. Dream11 has pick up the win with Rs. 222Cr.

10 Most Expensive Players in IPL Auction 2020

Title Sponsorship for IPL 2020 (After Chinese Brand Vivo Boycotted)

Auctioning the Players is one of the most anticipated events for the Indian Premiere League fans. It basically means a player is up for grabs if any teams want to buy him. The owner bids an amount designated to a player or higher than that. Auction goes on until nobody wishes to increase the final prize on a player. The highest bidder ultimately gets the player to play for his team for a season. However, the owner could retain up to five existing players on his team to stay in the team for another season. The final decision of which team to play for, eventually depends upon the cricketer.

The Auction for 13th season of Indian Premiere League took place on 13th December in Kolkata. Some major changes were made to a few teams, some players stayed and some newer ones were welcomed by the team. Nonetheless, 10 of the most expensive players sold in IPL Auction 2020 are: 

Pat Cummins: Kolkata Knight Riders (15.50 crore)

Glenn Maxwell: Kings XI Punjab (10.75 crore)

Chris Morris: Royal Challengers Bangalore (10.00 crore)

Sheldon Cottrell: Kings XI Punjab (8.50 crore)

Nathan Coulter-Nile: Mumbai Indians (8.00 crore)

Shimron Hetmyer: Delhi Capitals (7.75 crore)

Piyush Chawla: Chennai Super Kings (6.75 crore)

Sam Curran: Chennai Super Kings (5.50 crore)

Eoin Morgan: Kolkata Knight Riders (5.25 crore)

Marcus Stoinis: Delhi Capitals (4.80 crore)

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