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Shades Of Life

HcShades of white will appear soon,

Have trust in thy till the end of the typhoon.

Shades of red confuse people,

Sometimes it is blood and sometimes it is love.

Love and hate are like two sides of the same coin,

Let’s erase the confusion giving red the identity of love for the world to be free of pain.

Shades of blue have depth,

Shades of blue have height.

Make the blue sky your limit,

Learn from the deep blue sea to be calm and clear deep beneath.

Shades of green stands for peace,

Peace is humanity, peace is something that can’t be achieved with ease.

Let’s end the wars and tear away our differences,

Then only we can seize a thing called true peace.

Life is our teacher and we it’s students need to be patient.

It gives us cues, we have to grab them and implement.


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