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Reasons why you have to visit Corsica .

You must have heard the name of the place Corsica ?It lies in the French region. Well if you’re unaware of this place then please google it . It’s one of most astounding , magnificent , beautiful places of the earth. You must have been thinking why did I use so many adjectives to describe this place, well yes every place has it’s own beauty throughout the day ! While Corsica has it’s own .

Corsica, a mountainous Mediterranean island, presents a mix of stylish coastal towns, dense forest and craggy peaks (Monte Cinto is the highest). Nearly half the island falls within a park. And its hiking trails include the challenging GR 20. Its beaches range from busy Pietracorbara to remote, camping-friendly Saleccia and Rondinara. It’s been part of France since 1768, but retains a distinct Italian flavor. Yes, Corsica is a place where you can find a great fusion of culture , heritage , languages as well as cuisines ! corsica-hotels-hotel-corse

It’s an amazing place to visit with friends and families or with your loved ones for a short trip in here. This place is culturally rich because of it’s past and present beauties.  Were you ever known that in this Spanish region people uses different types of olive oils for each food . Rather than that it’s a developed region for travel and tourism , where tourists are welcomed and facilitated in a homely manner.

The main attractions of Corsica are :


The natural beauty of Ajaccio enchants visitors. The town has a majestic seaside setting with snowcapped mountain peaks in the distance and sandy beaches nearby. Ajaccio is the largest town and the capital of Corsica but still enjoys a relaxed way of life.


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In a picturesque location on a limestone cliff, surrounded by its ancient walls, Bonifacio is a well-preserved fortified town that dates back to the 9th century when it was founded by Bonifazio, the Marquis of Tuscany. Bonifacio has a wonderful Old World ambience; the town is a charming maze of medieval lanes flanked by old houses.

Porto Vacchio

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Some of Corsica’s most popular beaches are around Porto Vecchio, the port town on a lovely bay. The town was established by the Genoese and still has remains of the protective walls and an 18th-century citadel. Most tourists come to Porto Vecchio to enjoy an escape to nature at one of the beautiful sandy beaches nearby.

These three places are mainly visited around the Corsica , because when you’re in Corsica you really don’t need any other expenses for side scenes as you’ll always be surrounded with Corsica’s humble people and it’s indescribable beauty ! holidayfamily

So what do you think ? take money, take a break , pack your bags and fly off to Corsica !

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