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Sarod Sundori, 2015

The former winner of the crown of Sarod Sundori, 2015 Steffi Roy is here with us to share her struggle, passion and off course the secret of her confidence, talent and beauty.

Taking her interview was a great experience for me. Let’s see, what is the secret that made her win the crown defeating 200 contestants.

Here’s the conversation between me and Madhura Steffi Roy after she had won the crown.


Me: Congratulations for your outstanding performance in Sarod Sundori.

Steffi: Thank you.

Me: How do you feel after coming back and meeting friends and relatives?

Steffi: They have always been a support to me. Now, when I meet them their face tells me that they are really proud of me and that inspires me more.

Me: When and how did you start your journey in fashion world?

Steffi: I stepped in fashion world when I was a kid of 7 years. That time I got a chance to do a advertisement of video shoot of Telekids. But that time I didn’t know I will go this far in this line.

Me: Winning this crown was an opportunity for you or is it your dream and desire of your childhood?

Steffi: It was a desire. In 2010 when I got the chance for a photo shoot of a great platform like Lakme a strong desire came in me to move ahead in this field.

Me: Out of 200 contestants, you got selected in top 20 and then in top 10 and finally you won the crown. Can you tell us about the grooming session?

Steffi: The day when the top 20’s got selected, that day morning we were called there and people out there were telling us many inspiring things to boost us up. That was a part of our grooming and that off course helped me a lot.

Me: You have covered up the talent round very well by singing a song. Where did you train yourself in that?

Steffi: I learnt singing when I was a kid. When I was in class 1 I started learning Rabindra Sangit  and I continued it till class 5. After that I left learning.

Me: You have also been in Max Nobonita, but you didn’t win the crown. What do you want to blame luck, labour or chance?

Steffi: I won’t blame my hard work. In that case I would like to blame my luck because, there the winner was extraordinarily tall around 6 ft. And we all know tall girls get the place here. So, if I have to blame anything,  I would blame my luck.

Me:Congratulations for your outstanding success Steffi.


 So what’s next?

Steffi: (smiles) Next is my second year examination. I need to score good marks as in long run marks are the only things that will support me.

Me: Do you think people should come forward and participate in such contest?

Steffi: Yes, because beauty pageant is good platform to show what talent you have. It makes you realise how good your personality is and off course it enhances your personality.

Me: There are many beautiful and talented girls in villages who doesn’t know about this platform. What according to you can be done for them?

Steffi: I think, in every district there should be a competition held in order to find out talents. As this platform is not only for the beauties, there should also be a competition held for the physically challenged people.

Me: You have won a car in this young age. What is your feeling? How does your family feel?

Steffi: I love to be independent and I think after I won the car I completed one step of being independent and this inspires me that I can move more forward.

Me:  What message do you want to share with the readers?

Steffi: Getting inspired and getting carried away are two different things. Do not follow the crowd but follow your dreams. If you are hard working you are sure to achieve what you desire for.

Me: Indeed, it was a great time to take interview of your’s. We hope to see you elevating in you career. Thank you very much for the time which you have given us.

Steffi: I would like to say Thank you to guys for finding me worth it.



Aritraa Datta
Aritraa Datta
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