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Life the poem

Life is very strange

As time passes we change

I feel I can improve more

But it becomes difficult before

I cant tell which way is right

But I choose the one I like 

While travelling that path

I meet many pal

Some decide to stay with me forever

Some decide not to meet me ever

Yeah, I become a little sad

But I know they are not that bad

Its just that

That time I didn’t made good act

After that time comes

I myself compete with my pals

Jealousy, anger and pain

This stage is really intolerable

Now it’s the time for me to get the crown

Im going to become the queen of the town

Rest of my life I devote my youth

To establish my position and become more powerful

I’ll be old after that

Thinking of how im gonna past

Though I don’t know where to go

But my work on earth is over and I was successful you know


Saheli Das
Saheli Das
life can be tough at times but we should never be scred step back because once we overcome we get to know the real adventure of life. I'm fond of writing beacuse that is best to express your knowledge.music and writing is something that defines me


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