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Tips And Tricks To Publish Your First Kindle Ebook Independently.

To do anything perfectly is an art. The paintings we create, the drawings we sketch, the movies we direct, everything has a method to it, a process that demands perfection. And such is the words we write. When I began writing my first ebook, I hadn’t known the amount of work it would take to properly write it and conclude it. The story in my head had already been visualized, and there were huge chunks of dialogue that had already been finalized.

However, putting these ideas to paper, constructing a coherent storyline for your imagined chunks to fit in place, they are the actual parts that take work. And as an aspiring writer and independent artist, I do know the struggle it is to find proper guidance. So here are some of the things I learnt while publishing my first book.

Create a Draft. And Save Regularly.

The first thing you need to do is type down your ebook. Do not worry about the spelling mistakes or the grammar. Simply type your story down, in a font large and clear enough for you to read as you go along. Google Docs and Microsoft Word Document are the best applications for you to create your draft in. If you do not have internet regularly, use Microsoft Word Document more. Due to it’s easy maneuverability Microsoft Word Document is the go to for writers.

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However, if you are forgetful and do not save your documents before shutting down your PC, you should use Google Docs. Google Docs autosaves every minute you add something new, and that way you can ensure you never lose anything. Google Docs also has the option for you to leave comments alongside sentences, to get back to later on. However, regardless of which application you are on, do not forget to save each time you are closing your tab. Losing an improvised piece of work is the most painful feeling.

Remember the golden rule of writing – create three drafts. Your first draft is to make your idea exist. The second is to make your draft functional. And the final draft is to make it effective.

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Begin Editing. 

Before you give your work to a professional editor, it is important to edit your work on your own. You could begin by making minor logistical corrections, ensuring the dialogue and plot maintains continuity. You could get rid of exceedingly long sentences, which tend to tire readers. I have observed that Grammarly remains the best platform you could use for quick editing. You could create an account on Grammarly or use a free trial version to edit your ebook offline too. Grammarly offers a downloadable form of the software, and even a Chrome extension. Rest assured, you shall not miss even the minor corrections. Now you can handover the manuscript to your ebook to an official editor, who will help you correct, and format your novel accordingly.

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Enter your manuscript into Kindle Create.

Kindle Create is a software that simulates the appearance of an actual ebook, making it easier for writers to get a feel of their finished product. It is free to download on the internet and the setup and installation is a breeze. While Kindle Create does have limited features, it is the best software right now to create an ebook. Kindle Create also converts your final draft into a .kpf format which is the easiest to upload into Kindle Direct Publishing.

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Your word document gets integrated into the software easily and you can even change the chapter settings, add a preface, dedication without any problems. You do not really need any training to know how to operate Kindle Create, it is all pretty self-explanatory.

Make an account on Kindle Direct Publishing.

Search for Kindle Direct Publishing on the internet and make an account on it. It is preferable if you link your normal Amazon account to the KDP website. The website will then ask you for your details. Fill them carefully and completely. These details are important for the website to send the royalties to the right place. Fill in your bank details.

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Format and Upload your Ebook.

Kindle Direct Publishing requires you to enter the details of your ebook in a separate window. These details include the official title of your ebook, the synopsis that shall show on Amazon when a customer makes a purchase. There are three steps to publishing your book in this process. The first step includes filling details such as the title, author name and genre of the ebook. Proceeding from here, you need to upload your manuscript and your cover page. Do not worry if you do not have a cover page. Kindle Direct Publishing has a built-in feature called Kindle Cover Creator. Kindle Cover Creator helps you properly format the cover of your ebook.

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Since I had a cover designed by me for my ebook, I did not need Kindle Cover Creator. But if you are going to publish a paperback, I would suggest you go through with Kindle Cover Creator. Do not forget to preview your ebook before you publish it. Once you have made sure of the headers, footers, the necessary content, go on ahead to pricing your ebook.

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Pricing your Ebook.

Ebooks are inexpensive, and that has entirely to do with the fact that there is no printing involved. Paperbacks will charge you a certain amount to print, priced by each book. Ebooks, on the other hand, are free to publish. You have two choices for royalties. In case you do not know what royalties are, editors and publishers take a certain percentage of money to publish your book.

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The remaining percentage is your royalty. That is the money that you shall be paid for the book. You may get around 35% to 70% of the royalty depending on the number of pages your book has. Smaller books are priced lesser and have a proportionate royalty.

Once you figure all of this out, you are on the last step of publishing your very own book. Verify all your details once, edit out any mistakes and publish your book! You can monitor your sales in the report section of your login page. Happy Writing!!

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