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What is Procrastination and How to overcome it

Many of us discuss everything, but how many of us accept that we are a procrastinator?

If you know that you are also a procrastinator, then this post is for you. Let me tell you one thing all procrastinators have tons of excuses to delay their essential work, isn’t it!

You may have many things to do, struggling to move on to other stuff and feel stuck in one task. Now the question is why?

Let me brief you on what a procrastinator do when they have lots of projects or works to complete.

Doing unnecessary activities instead of completing the significant task it means you fall in the trap of procrastination.

What is procrastination? 

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Procrastination is nothing but a term you can relate it with distraction. Even if many well organized and punctual people sometimes get disturbed and not able to complete their task in time. Procrastination is not a similar term that you can relate it with laziness. Both are different from each other.

Procrastination is an ongoing process where you choose unwillingness, unpleasant, and gratification over your essential task. Laziness is an unwillingness to spend energy to do a job that seems to be challenging to complete.

When you become a procrastinator, you lose so many opportunities that seem to be in your footsteps. You waste precious time that you could spend on something important to you. If you overcome this problem, you can quickly achieve your goals and able to complete all your tasks on time.

Here are some tips for you to overcome your procrastination

Make your goal very specific and clear.

It is not simple for you to achieve something until you have clear about your goal. Always remember being a procrastinator; you still might have the second most question to do something now or later. When you know about your goal, you will quickly achieve what you want in your life. Make your purpose very specific and clear so that you won’t be distracted easily and able to accomplish it.

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Create a to-do list

We people tend to forget things. To specify your goal, create a to-do list so that you remember your task and able to complete it within your specified time. Organize your assignment in such a manner that makes your workload easy and manageable.

Making a to-do list is not enough. You have to add deadlines to your bucket list to get your work done. It helps you to create a sense of urgency to move to the next task. As you develop deadlines for yourself, you will finish all your work one after another smoothly.

 Avoid distractions

Once you created your to-do list, try to avoid all your distractions before starting your work. For instance, keep your phone in silent mode so that you cannot get distracted easily. Maybe you are like to talk with your colleague, or you may be like to check your Facebook. All these things distract you and create an environment for you to procrastinate.

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Do important tasks first.

Have you heard “eat your frog first”?

It is the most valuable phrase, which means you have prioritized your essential work that needs to get done. When you are looking at your complicated task, it overwhelmed you by the mass or length and scared you to start.

Split your more significant task into a small part so that you can efficiently complete it without feeling defeated. While doing so, you can accomplish your steps and enhance your productivity as well.

Concentrate on one thing at first

Human tends to focus on one thing at a time. So, don’t overwhelm yourself by doing multiple works at a time. When you concentrate on one task, you develop your resistance to procrastination. In this way, you can overcome your problems and become a productive person as well.

Pat yourself on the back for your each accomplishment

Don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments once you complete your task. This way, you concentrate on work and feel better while doing your job. Remember, procrastination is an active process that comes to you without your permission. You should always celebrate your accomplishments and pat on your back to overcome it.

The final thought

Every person tends to procrastinate while working, but it depends on you how to prioritize your work to complete it. You may have thousands of dreams, but you are not able to get it, just because you are procrastinating. When you are prioritizing your essential task, you must concentrate on it without being distracted. If you have the desire to get something and accomplish your goal, you must avoid the procrastination. I hope the above mentioned points help you to solve your problems.

sunita sethi
sunita sethi
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  1. Everything can be expressed in one phrase – just stand up and start doing. And that’s the hardest part.
    I can write a list, I can set goals and think of what I need to do first. But it’s a feat to start doing something.
    At the end of every day, I realize I’ve wasted my time. And every time I promise not to make that mistake again. And every morning, everything repeats again.
    Well, it’s not that wrong with my schedule, but I could do better if I hadn’t wasted a lot of time.


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