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Cartoons Only The Kids From 90’s Can Relate To

Every generation has something that they feel the next one would regret missing out on..

Likewise the kids these days have no idea what all amazing cartoons series have they missed which the kids of 90’s of enjoyed thoroughly.

Below is a list of some such cartoons which we all loved :

  1. The Flintstones – A story about a man and his family and friends in the early stone age. The man’s pet is a dinosaur and he runs his car with his feet. They live in a house of stone and everything they have is so exquisite. All the 90s kids will know their “yaaba-daaba-doo .. “

Cartoons Only The Kids From 90's Can Relate To

2. Simba – The sweet tale of a cub, who is the prince of a territory. How he grows up, learning valuable lessons from his father, Mufasah and making friends,faces evil and learns how to fight them.

The best of all,it gives the amazing slogan of “hakuna matata” by a meerkat, Timon and a warthog, Pumbaa.

3. Dexter’s Laboratory – This is the story of a very young scientist who is merely in school. It is an amazing series with a hidden,underground laboratory where Dexter works and nobody knows about it and how his elder sister, DeeDee bugs him all the time by somehow making her way into the lab.

Cartoons Only The Kids From 90's Can Relate To

4. Noddy – This cartoon was all about a kid named Noddy who lived in Toyland. Noddy has a wobby head and his own car,his own aeroplane and everything. A very cute,funny way to teach young kids some valuable lessons of life.

5. Johnny Bravo – This was one of the funniest cartoons of those times. It was the story of a young man named Johnny Bravo and his lame attempts to try and get a girl. He always thought of himself to be the most handsome guy when in fact he was a blond guy with trapezium shaped hair,thinnest legs and weirdly large chest. It was a great show.

6. Scooby Doo – This particular cartoon is probably still on some of our favourites’ lists. This cartoon was one of the best of its time. It was a story of four friends Fred,Shaggy,Welma and Dapphine and their dog named Scooby. These people always somehow get into mysterious trouble and by using their detective skills and Scooby’s luck,they always made their way out.

There were many more cartoons like Bob the builder, Spongebob Squarepants,Captain Planet,Wild Cats and so so many more.

The nostalgia which we feel by merely mentioning these names is something that the generation after ours will never understand.


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