New found life

Let us go then, you and I
Through the woods,
Dense and deep;
Amidst the emerging roots.

It will all be just fine.
Just the way it all began,
The way it all took shape ,
The shape of a lovely tale.

We met.
First a stranger,
Then a friend;
Then the first one to take a stand.

Kindergarten kid,
To present day in youth’s mid.
Whenever I fell,
You gave your hands;
Supporting me ,
Through all thick and thin.

The day I met you ,
The new you;
The one I always wanted to know,
The one I needed to grow.

I dived into your eyes,
Only to find the intense love it holds
We meted out blushing ,
For we knew not wholly;
What future had in store,
And has carved so gracefully.

Fate did its own play,
And thus love came its way.

You took me in your arms,
Held me tight;
From then on,
My heart, felt light.

Now by your side ,
Past fears I chide;
Your love tore down wide,
Once the pain I used to hide.

Giving myself away;
To your love ,
I sway.

A magical dream it seems,
With all its glitters and beams
Strove down its way
Guiding my life;
To it’s safest bay.

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