Concentration, What is Concentration. It is simply an ability to direct one’s attention. The ability to control the attention and the focus. It is not an easy task of building concentration. It requires training of mind. Giving command to your attention and mind requires a huge amount of training. If you have good concentration power, you are good to go. But, if you lack the power of concentration, focusing on any particular thing can be a very difficult task for you. You may lose both time and energy that you own, if your concentration power is low.

    Here, I suggest you a few simple tasks that you should do in your everyday lives in order to build up your concentration.

    • Find a comfortable work environment: The first most thing you should do is to find a perfect or a suitable place where you can work. There should be no noises or any distractions so that you can concentrate your mind on work.
    • Embrace the distractions you cannot control: In order to build up your mind, you must really accept the things that distract you. It can be either social networking or television or a friend.Firstly find out what distracts you, then try to find the solutions in order to avoid those things.
    • Prioritize your efforts: Make a list and reward yourself for your good performance and even punish yourself. This might help you in improvising your mind.
    • Create a proper schedule: To start with, make a schedule. You should have necessary breaks for workout and fun activities in it. Try to adhere to the schedule and follow it by your heart. This is really going to help you.
    • Structure each day at the beginning itself: Decide and plan your day in the morning itself. You should not opt for the sudden plans as this may not help you in building your concentration power. However, this may divert your focus.
    • Create a routine and then shake it up: Strictly follow your routine. You should not let certain things change your mind. Focus to achieve your goals. This can be done if you make proper schedules and routines and these proper routinely practices one day might lead you to success.
    • Take scheduled breaks: If you study. Don’t study too hard that it’s not possible for you to spare time even for yourself. Take necessary breaks. Try to enjoy things. Do your work seriously but also with full enjoyment. If your brain has to concentrate consistently for hours, your processing power and concentration level slips. So, it is suggested that you should give yourself the necessary breaks.
    • Speak out as loud as you can: Speaking out things loudly will not only help you build you concentration. But this would also help you in building self- confidence. Try speaking in front of the mirror. Do practice a lot. You won’t believe but a radio person also has to practice 5 hours even for a 5 minute program. Not just practice makes a man perfect. But, perfect practice makes a man perfect.
    • See the right answer and only the right answer: Never be in doubts. It’s suggested that you should always clear your doubts, queries. Always go for the right answer. There should be no place for maybe in your mind. This will help your mind to focus on the right thing.

    If you have weak concentration power, there’s no need to feel sad for it. After all you can also endeavor for it and give yourself a chance to be a better you.

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