8 Signs you are in love with the wrong person

A good relationship is that which should enhance your life, makes you happier and boosts your self confidence.  Love, trust, compassion, compromise and respect make happy and balanced relationships in life. LOVE may happen in the most unusual ways with people you could never imagine yourself with. Just because of our sheer curiosity to fall in love or because we need the presence of a guy or a girl in our life, we can’t claim as being in love. You will encounter your soul mate eventually but first things first, don’t just fall for anyone. However, a lot of us don’t even recognize if we’re in love with the wrong person…

  1. They don’t respect you

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You may love them with all your heart, and spend all of your time on your partner, but they just don’t reciprocate. They only spend time with you when it’s convenient for them. it feels completely one sided.

Everything in love is about priorities. If they truly love you, it doesn’t really matter how busy they are, they’ll take out enough time for you to see you smile. They’ll never make you feel like you’re being ignored or there’s something more important than you.

  1. Not being yourself

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You can’t be yourself in front of them. Someone who truly loves you will accept you for who you are. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else fearing that they won’t approve of who you really are.

  1. You are not happy with them 

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You may love them from all your heart, but you don’t love how you’re treated in the relationship. They don’t acknowledge all the efforts you put in for them. They don’t even care about your feelings and respect you as a person.

  1. Emotionally unavailable

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Your partner chooses to be distant and is emotionally unavailable. Their whole life is a mystery to you, a world where they just don’t let you in. There’s a lot you want to do for them but it seems they don’t want your love.

  1. They don’t trust you

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They are constantly doubtful and insecure about your loyalty. They don’t trust you and there’s only so much you can do to make a person trust you.

  1. Possessiveness

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Sometimes they’re possessive and that too to an obsessive level, leaving you with no personal space.

  1. Not having a real conversation

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You always feel that conversations with them are never satisfying. They hear when you talk but rarely listen and absolutely have no interest in knowing about what you want to do in life, how your day went or how you feel about them.

  1. Not interested anymore

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You don’t even remember the last time you shared a moment with them. You don’t look forward to meeting them anymore and you just don’t feel good about yourself when you’re around them; in fact all you think about is how to avoid arguments and fights.







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