Moments to Memory!


Parrots and Pigeons over the head,
Cool wind blowing its breeze…
Ripe red tomatoes a step ahead,
With every turn, my soul just freeze.

Gorgeous green garden to treat the eyes,
A mixed scent of lily and rose…
The ball of fire began to disguise,
A burst of thoughts thus arose.

There creeps a silence with patience,
Random thoughts rise and drop…
Hunting answers to endless questions,
Getting out of control, they never stop.

A flash of smile with a friend in mind,
The fun and frolic I cherish again…
A broken moment follows behind,
Sadly go through the ache and pain.

Closing my eyes, the moments I feel,
Sitting alone in the terrace top…
Nature evoking emotions as a reel,
Memories of now and then, they crop.

Messed up in thoughts, with a mindless belief,
Of feeling the silence sinking in,
A deep breath of sigh and relief,
Trying to sense some peace within.

“Caught’cha” screamed a voice behind,
Leaving my heart ‘jerk’ that second…
“Ha! I scared you!” overwhelming joys unwind,
In the face of my freaking little sibling.

Instantly, I pounced out in one go,
Chasing him all around the roof…
That young boy, no way near slow,
Left me panting breathlessly, and spoof.

Giving up with a gasping smile,

I look back to my mindless spot..

The place where thoughts ran a hundred mile

Now appears a meaningless rant

Feeling these few moments now,
The sound of laughter delightful and sweet…
The charm and cheer undoubtedly vow,
I enjoyed the pleasurable sense of defeat.

The cute little devil right in front of me,
Killed the silence, killed the peace…
Killed all my effort to venture within me,
But gave something more than just a tease.

Creating a new moment to cherish for the while
Now the heart and mind joyously contented…
Why let your soul silently smile,
When it can laugh out loud intended.


Aparna Kanmani
Aparna Kanmani
Every scar in life makes you a better poet. Ink them down to script the story of your life. Share it to give your heart the wings to fly again. For words not only hurt, but also heal! "Its only words... words are all I have... to take your heart away"

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