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The Mind Secret: How to Manage Thoughts and Think Free

Do you know the secret to controlling your mind? Are your thoughts over-crowding your life? Know about the foundation that defines the network of your thoughts. You are one step away from discovering the truth.

Have you ever spent the entire day doing nothing but wonder about your past or your future? There are days when people especially the students experience a sense of dullness in their lives. Sitting alone on the couch at home, swapping TV channels and thinking about the exam results to be announced a month later is just the beginning of the thought process. In no time, the thoughts travel from the exam results to the possibility of your depression and ultimately failure in career. The television is on, yet your mind is lingering under the shadows of your imaginations. Once you are trapped in such a maze of thoughts it is easy to get lost, unless you do something to come out of the sunken palace of your mind.

Just about a week ago when I was comfortably sitting in a lecture hall at college, the electronics professor came in with an announcement. He handed over to us each a sheet of paper. “Get Ready for a Surprise Test”, he said. Every one in the lecture hall looked shocked and was taken aback. There were some who seemed to be feeling good about the test. However, for many of us, this day was about to become a nightmare.

The focus of this article lays in the moment when this announcement was made by the professor. That moment is crucial. We all think of possibly tens of thousands of things in a day but during such sudden events when they trigger our senses, the frequency of our thoughts rise exponentially. Students were not prepared for such a test and that made many feel nervous. Failing on the test meant less respect among the teachers. Less respect from teachers meant poor impression. When a student has a poor impression on the teachers, sometimes that affects the final grades. Any possible reduction in the final grades would mean lower overall score for the year. This way as one thought lead to another thought, the announcement of a surprise test led to one’s poor result for the entire year.

Now, there are other ways of looking at the same situation. Perhaps a certain student cares little about the exams but is highly conscious of a girl students’ opinion of him. He managed to keep his image firm and bold all the while since the start of the college. However, this surprise test made him sweat. He thinks his year-long efforts are in danger. We all carry a certain wish in our heart and mind; we ought to protect that wish or desire more than anything.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]“How do you prevent yourself from getting affected by the chaotic stream of thoughts?”[/beautifulquote]

For some people, the desire to get better grades is the priority while for others, the desire to be accepted by people especially by the opposite gender students is important. In the midst of such a surprise test, in the minds of such students, bonds are being broken. Rejection from a girl would mean over a period of time, isolation. As for a student his pride matters, losing the pride would hurt a lot. In the long-run, no girl would ever talk to him or care to approach him. Similarly, like the two boys we discussed there are numerous other stories being sheltered in the minds of students at the sight of something unexpected or unplanned.

The question stands, “How do you prevent yourself from getting affected by the chaotic stream of thoughts?” Over the many years, I have been thinking about the perfect way to solve this problem. However, when it comes to solving one’s own problem, we humans are at a disadvantage. Moreover, when your mind is cluttered with thoughts it is hard to focus on what is important. The process to solve the problem on my own was not that easy as it looked to me. So, I began to research and read a lot of books from the people who have solved such a problem. There were a whole group of people out there who shared their secrets with the world. When I began to search for possible solutions, I came across the secret to our specific problem.

The solution was simple yet one of the most painful mental exercises I have ever been through in my life. When stakes are as high as your career, your life and your happiness, you have got to pay the price. The secret to unfolding the network of thoughts and clearing up the mind so your can think free is ­–

The Secret of Mind:

Trace the sequence of your thoughts as they appeared. Find the source of your thoughts and watch as one single thought generates a stream of child thoughts. Consciously track every move of your mind. Once you know how your thoughts are being created, destroyed and recreated again, you will know when and how to command your mind to pause, stop or resume.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]”People are less informed about the internal matters of mind and body.”[/beautifulquote]

Reading allowed me to come face to face with some of the most amazing secrets laid down by the leaders from the past and famous philosophers from the present. Only when I was aware enough, of the many activities my brain performed over a period of time that I was able to come up with the problem. If left alone, not bothered; this would never appear such an important matter to look into.

The solution that we just discussed carries a lot of significance but more so is devoted to the act of awareness which led to the discovery of such a question. There are many people out there who still think their habits are a part of life that can’t be changed. People are less informed about the internal matters of mind and body. Through this article, my motive stands to let every single person be aware of his/her life in a way, which is revolutionary.

Akshay Varma is a professional writer, blogger, author, programmer, tech hobbyist and android developer. He enjoys the company of life and science. He is the author of two books. He loves writing on variety of topics and his passion is exploring new things. He aspires to become an Android Developer and a humanitarian with a dream to make an impact of the world for the better.


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