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All You Need To Know About Animation As A Career Option

They have played their own part in shaping the basic manner in which we think and perceive the world around us. Their absence, I must say, as such would not have affected the world any bad but surely with them the world seems to have become more colourful and appears to offer many, a much needed refuge from their gloomy, routinely and stressed lives. Whose advent have changed the general perception of comedy to an extent that otherwise seems difficult to even imagine! Yes we are indeed talking about the geniuses called Animators and if you too want to breathe magic into these otherwise inertial caricatures, this article has got all you need to know about.

All You Need To Know About Animation As A Career Option

Animation is a sequential form of displaying the images which minimally differ from each other and on account of the rapidity of the display, are able to create an illusion of motion.

  • Who Should pursue animation as a career?

Animation, essentially demands a keen sense of imagination, a knack for drawing sketches and an aptitude for understanding and portraying the expressions of human, birds, animals trees etc. then you are good to go!

  • What are the future prospects of Animation in India?

Although lately, but animation seems to have an appreciable advent in our country too and is showing a really positive candidature for the many future prospects. A typical good movie requires anything around 450-500 animators which means it indeed is a bulk job generator. Over the recent times India has shown its mettle in producing world class animations and due to its ease in communicating in English language itself as compared to its other Asian counterparts, India has attracted a keen attention of major outsourcing animation Giants like Disney and Pixar.

All You Need To Know About Animation As A Career Option

  • What qualifications does it require to become an Animator?

Although, a formal Bachelors’ degree course is still to be taken that seriously by the college’s curricula, a Bachelor in Fine Arts (3 years course) followed by a Diploma is ideal. The duration of diploma may vary from half a year to a year and a half depending upon the depth of the course. The fee depending upon the courses, would cost around 50 thousand to as high as 20 lakhs Rupees.

  • Career progression, salary etc

First, of all one has to be quite frequent in searching for job opportunities if they are not the” Work From Home” ones and it is always advised in the interest of the candidates to apply for as much opportunities as one can. The initial salary is anything between 15 to 20 k and one works in the capacity of Junior Animators and as one goes on to prove his mettle he may end- up drawing upto 1lac. Rupees a month.

  • Opportunities other than Movies/Serials


All You Need To Know About Animation As A Career Option

This indeed happens to be an added advantage for the animators. Animators are always in demand in the gaming industries and frequently noticed is the scenario of collaborations between online learning solutions providers and animators for making their content more informative. They also garner very significant demand in the advertisement sector.


Finally, to sum things up, it can be very aptly concluded that animation is an arena which is in phase of experiencing a massive boom which will be even more fuelled in the coming time leading to enticing prospects. If one really has a bone for it, considering it as a career option has got potentially a whole gamut of opportunities to offer.



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