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Masters study in Russia: a complete guide

The number on which Russia is located is remarkable, two continents, nine-time areas, 17 million m2, 144 million people and 896 universities. And the higher education system in the country is just as impressive–over half of the Russian population is estimated to have graduations.

What better way than to learn from great artists like Tolstoy and Dostoevsky in their country, or to study history closely with iconic sites such as The Kremlin and Red Platform? What could be more for a literary student?

Postgraduate courses in Russia

Masters study in Russia: a complete guide

Russia is a key player in the global academic community-ask only 240,000 students from foreign countries enrolling in its universities.

These are just a few of the reasons for thinking of studying a Master’s degree in Russia: fascinated national history, Russians proud of their rich and unforgettable heritage and as a student international you will have the opportunity to enjoy the many long-honored Russian customs still appreciated today.

  • Nonlinear problems mathematical modeling
  • Technological processes automation
  • Architecture
  • Astrophysics
  • Biology biomedicine biophysics
  • Accounting analysis
  • Genetics
  • Journalism
  • Computer science and computer engineering
  • Law (constitutional, international, administrative, criminal)
  • History, cultural studies
  • Forensics; Mechanical engineering
  • Nanotechnology; Material development technology
  • Innovation management

Russian universities

Russia has an international reputation for cultural and intellectual excellence as the hometown of some of the world’s most important figures in the fields of literature, art, politics and science. Russia has perhaps not surprisingly been home to 896 renowned universities for a country of its size. In Russia there are two kinds of universities:

State – National Research Universities, federal universities and two universities of special status: Moscow State University and the Saint Petersburg State

Private university – Stupendous by providing more specialist or niche tuition services than state funding universities are increasingly popular among students.

In the last decade, the Russian higher education system underwent rapid reforms with the government investing in the improvement of university facilities and in the improvement of vocational training.

Masters fees and funding in Russia

Classes in Russia for a full-time Master’s degree range from EUR 2.900 to EUR 3.165 per year on average. Fees may however be less than € 1,675 or up to € 5,935. The Government of Russia offers international students a number of state bonds (15,000 state-funded spots were awarded in 2017). You must apply and pass an entrance examination to receive one of these bursaries, which includes tuition fees, dormitory accommodation (if available) and a small maintenance allowance.

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Applying for masters in Russia

The Russian higher training system is extremely competitive and you need to successfully graduate with a Bachelor’s degree and pass the entrance exam to take a Master’s degree.

If students apply for a Masters degree from a Russian university, they must submit the below mentioned documents to complete the registration process:

  • An application form detailing the intended discipline
  • A certified copy of a Bachelors certificate
  • A health certificate and HIV blood test results from a Russian Consulate-accredited health insurance company
  • A copy of your birth certificate
  • At least six passport-sized photographs

The process of competitive selection is usually necessary for international students. This means that entry or Unified State Examination (EGE) tests have been carried out successfully. In many universities, native and international students are also awarded academic contests where the winner has no admission and is often awarded an academic bursary.

Admission requirements

International students from certain countries need to be legalized in the country concerned with their education documents. This essentially means that the documents are authentic so that the relevant government departments that deal with your application can acknowledge them. Other countries, such as China, Italy and Ukraine, signed a treaty with Russia that requires that foreign students who wish to study at Russian universities do not legalistic their educational documents.

Language requirements

Although a growing number of Russian master’s programs are being taught in English, most courses are taught in Russian. You may be required to pass a language examination during the application process, depending on which university and program you choose. However, many universities now offer international preparatory Russian language courses and there are more master’s programs in English than Bachelor’s.

Masters students visa for international students

It can be long and complicated to apply for a student visa in Russia so it is important to do all it is necessary to avoid delays. You must first receive an invitation letter from a university indicating that you are received on your desired course before the visa application procedure can begin.

Once you have a university, your international department will apply for a visa for students. It usually takes about one month, but it might take longer to get your visa arranged several months before your arrival. The international student visa shall be registered for an initial term of three within 72 hours of arrival in Russia.

Who needs a visa to study in Russia?

In order to enroll for a Masters in Russia, potential students in most countries will need a visa. These exceptions include students from countries such as Armenia and Ukraine in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Students from some countries will still need a valid passport to make things more complicated, while others don’t–so check the relevant sources before starting your application!

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Application requirements

Besides the application form, if you apply for a student visa in Russia, you need the following documents:

  • A copy of your passport
  • One or two recent passport-sized photographs, signed on the reverse side
  • A letter of invitation from your prospective university
  • A copy of a HIV test certificate showing a negative result
  • A certified copy of your Bachelors degree or equivalent
  • A copy of the invoice from your prospective university showing that you have paid for tuition

Be aware that this list is intended as a general guide to the procedure for applying for visas for Russian students–the documentation required varies from country to country. Foreign health insurance has been compulsory since 2016 for entry into Russia. This can be arranged before or immediately after arrival in Russia. The minimum price is approximately € 1,380 for private health insurance.

Studying abroad and learning a different language are attractive to international employers, and Russian universities know that their students want to distinguish themselves from each other. That is why graduate programs combine lectures and teaching in the classroom with individual research or work. Get ready to enjoy your journey to the beautiful country and carry on with your dream career.


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