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Madness of Gods

Love, is it an understatement or is it overrated by today’s youth? Is it a way to express how you feel about someone or it’s just a mere emotion? Well, for some reckless minds like mine it means the world. Love is passion, an attitude, hunger so strong in itself that it makes everything appear so diminished. According to ancient Greeks the word love means “madness of gods”. Well certainly, love defines sanctity of soul, purest of every emotion. But what happens when love takes a step ahead and you are left with nothing but ashes of memories which haunt you for the rest of your life? The dark smoke rising up high in the air has tales to tell. All you want to do is reside in a shell, break down and cry. You want to tell the world how badly it hurts but you don’t do any such thing. You put your strong face forward and a kind smile. Over the years you learn how to survive, how to deal with loneliness. You try to hide the havoc you have created in your head but they have started noticing eyes within the liar. The darkness seems all beautiful and heavenly when the “love” dims it’s virtual existence. But again and again his face, those glittering eyes flash in front of you making you weaker with the hope of union. Your search in the sand is wasted cause things you are looking for are far away than buried. And with unsuccessful attempts to reach my “madness of gods”, i give up on the unreal dream cause I have met dead end every time love crosses my mind. In the process of moving on, most of the times there is a friend who has got your back. He is always around, whether you need a shoulder to cry on or someone you need to dance on celebratory little moments. He locates the rainbow after heavy rain or drizzly situations for you. You start to feel comfortable with yourself again unlike a soulless body. You don’t realize when did he start  seeing you as his  “madness of God”. He is too scared to pray to you to be his after all he knows what you are made up of. Ashes of past, one blow and it might blind you both. He is like an angel to you at one point of time and once he unapologetically reveals his feelings, you see a devil trying to grab his opportunity. You feel cheated, your friendship defeated. You try harder, to understand his feelings towards you. Now you understand why love walked away in the first place. It is not something you can force on someone or force yourself into for that matter. It just happens to cross your way but the hurt stays a while longer than you wish. And the ache makes you imperishable.

Annu beniwal
Annu beniwal
Wanderer, free soul, passionate about writing, 'cause some things are just worth doing!


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