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ITHAA: The Undersea Restaurant

There are various astounding underwater restaurants around the world. Most of them are hardly known. Among these, Ithaa (means “mother of pearl”) is the world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant, where you can dine five metres below sea level at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort. Ithaa is the exceptional undersea restaurant of its kind on the planet. The 270 degree panoramic view allows visitors to dine while watching thousands of fish, reefs and other marine life without getting wet.

The acrylic structured restaurant has a capacity of 14 people with a transparent roof. The restaurant was opened on in April 2005.It is so skillfully structured that even the tsunami which followed the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake surprisingly caused no damage to the restaurant. It is designed by the Kuala Lumpur National Science Center and the building is qualified as the world’s largest aquarium tunnel. Its development was exceptionally ambitious. The entire 175-tonne structure was constructed in Singapore before being transported to Maldives. The maintenance is not that easy, the glass has to be cleaned everyday from outside and it costs a lot. However, the estimated life span of the restaurant is 20 years.

You can also book the restaurant for private parties and weddings. The restaurant is magical, more like walking down to a Utopian world through a dark windy staircase. While dinning, you can encounter distinctive fishes of various shapes and sizes and beautiful reefs that are beyond imagination. While the view steals the show, the food is great too. The cuisines are exceptionally delicious with extravagant add-ins, for example, caviar, lobster, or foie gras along with the supper. The menu consists of four-course lunch and six-course dinner in contemporary European style which is executed in an efficient manner. The lunch is lighter while the wine rundown offers a definitive of wines: champagne. Ithaa serves mainly caviar and Maldivian lobster. However you can order various fish menus unless you are not guilt stricken to eat it in front of its lineage! Since Maldives have very little agricultural value, so most of its weekly food has to be imported. Some of the famous desserts are: 57% dark chocolate mousse, rice crispy base & Valencia orange parfait, valrhona chocolate vantage, white chocolate praline, salty caramel sable, mango sorbet etc. Ithaa occasionally welcomes guest chefs from all around the world.


Since the restaurant is only open to guests of the Conrad Rangali, you can stay at the five-star resort, a wonderful place to stay and is spread over two islands connected by a bridge. So, go ahead and experience dining at one of the most iconic underwater structures in the world with your family and friends. It would be ideal if you can book the resort 14 days before especially when it is high time for vacation. Though the cuisines are expensive but your experience at Ithaa will be a memorable one. I will suggest saving money by having just a cocktail at the restaurant as the unforgettable experience matters the most. This will be a once in a lifetime experience at this massive Maldives restaurant. Folks! Ithaa awaits you.

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