Lucknow – The Land Of Nawabs and Kebabs

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Are you a foodie? Do you think you are lucky? Nah! You aren’t  lucky unless  and until you visit “Lucknow”!

Lucknow, now an ethnically modern city, famous for it’s food and it’s tehzeeb, is one of the six fastest growing cities of India. Most of it’s revenue is derived from the manufacturing sector and the tourism industry. The potential of the city to attract tourists from all over the world is great because of it’s history and culture.

The cuisine of Lucknow is a tasty blend of the Mughalai and Indian cuisines. It is famous for it’s Awadhi cuisine. The mouth-watering kebabs, biryani and street food make the city every foodie’s dream destination. The variety of food that this city has to offer is astonishing. Lucknow, as it is known to be a food paradise for non vegetarians can also be a decent food destination for vegetarians as well. The Nihari Kulche, Gulabi Chai, Lassi, Chole bhature, Tokri chaat, and the infamously famous Dahi Bade, give the vegetarians a great food roller coaster. A visit to this city would definitely be fulfilling to the tourists in all ways, be it enjoying the cuisine, soaking up the culture, or shopping.  As it goes without mentioning, Lucknow is also famous for the Chikankari embroidery work. The tourists can have a great shopping experience along with food.

The Food Trail

The food trail is established in a way that a tourist who has a day at his disposal can enjoy both the food, visit tourist destinations like bara imambara, chota imambara, and also do a little shopping in the areas of chowk, janpath and hazratgunj.

Chole Bhature and Lassi

There are many food joints that serve delicious Chole bhature and lassi. The Lassi served is thick and has the right amount of sweetness complementing the texture. Nihari Kulcha is also a famous dish of Lucknow which can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Shri Lassi corner in the Chowk area and Mubin’s serves the best chole bhatura and decadent lassi. Chowk area has a huge Chikankari market.

Gulabi Chai

Gulabi Chai is unique to Lucknow. We cannot find this anywhere else in India. One must not skip trying this wonderfully delicious chai which is a special during Eid. It is flavoured with saffron, elaichi and kewra giving us the Nawabi feel.

Apart from Gulabi Chai, the regular chai is also famous in Lucknow. Sharma ji ki Chai in Hazratgunj is a famous stall to try refreshing chai after a tiresome visit of the city.


Lucknow is known as the land of Kebabs. This city is world famous for it’s Kebabs. The meat is cooked very slowly on charcoal. This cooking technique makes these Kebabs lipsmacking. Tundey Kebabi serves the most delicious Tundey Kebabs and Galawati Kebab in the city. It is located in the Hazratgunj area which is a famous market place.


When we talk about the Mughalai cuisine, the Biryani needs to be mentioned. There are few food joints in Lucknow which serve finger licking good Biryanis. This would be an experience for a lifetime. We will not get to taste better biryanis anywhere else other than in this Nawabi city. Wahid Biryani in Hazratgunj and Lalla Biryani in the Chowk area are two restaurants popular among the Lucknowis.

Street Food

When it comes to Street Food, Lucknow has a lot to offer. The tokri chaat, dahi bade, lucknowi chaat are few of the lipsmaking delicacies available in Lucknow. GPO Dahi Bade is quite popular among the Lucknowis and the tourists for it’s delicious Dahi Bade. King of Chaat and Shukla Chaat house are two popular food joints for a quick evening snack.


Another delicacy that is the decadent Kulfi Falooda in Prakash Kulfi gives a tasty end to a great food tour of Lucknow. Prakash Kulfi is located in Hazratgunj.

There are many more aspects to Lucknow than just food. The culture of Lucknow is very rich and Nawabi. There are a lot for people who visit to soak up whether it is Indians or foreigners. This is a rapidly developing city with a vast diversity in culture and tradition. This being a historic city has many monuments at every nook and corner. This also attracts people to Lucknow. The tour of Lucknow will be very fulfilling for people who love culture and food.


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