Love Under House Arrest


image source: verbal messages

No open letters

No free flowing love

No relationship status

I have to conceal my feelings

Got to hide my emotions

None but I am to know

The secret that ought to be untold


No human is to know this secret

So, I made nature my friend

I made stars my mason

They shine and show how much I care

This sun is my guardian angel

It burns with my fiery passion

The changing moon is a clear signal

My several moods my various shades


Sending all my love your way

Let the universe be my witness

I have loved you with my heart and soul

This is how I will forever remain


I know I am imperfect

I am aware of all my foibles

I am naïve, stupid and irritable at times

But I know you really don’t care

You love me just the way I am

My imperfections are like guiding light


You decipher my emotions

You decode my thoughts

You know we are meant for greater goods

This misery….

This too shall pass

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