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Lost in the World: Double Standards

Double standards
I want to share the story of a friend , a person very close to my heart, a recent graduate, a passionate soul full of dreams, with a zeal to rise and shine like the most shining star in the sky. She has everything what it takes to follow the path but may be lacks courage, a little confidence.
Lost in the World: Double Standards
I knew her since childhood she was not always like this, a girl with over confidence who had never cared about the world has turned a coward I should say. I do not know whether this word is justified or not but her inner courage is useless when her outer fear has no bounds. But struggles, experiences are meant to make us better. Right? Then what happened in her case? May be she got shattered by the harsh, superficial world that continues to condemn her, oppress her and proved her that in this world a person with spine and morals end up feeling betrayed and lonely. Corrupt, hollow, spineless people cannot end the limitless dreams but wound the dreamer. Time heals all, then why her wounds are taking so long? Its been years but honestly I feel all her attempts are in vain. She went for things, realized it’s pathetic nature, and then she left. She is not the one who can bear the shit. A carefree bird from inside waiting for a direction, a way to fly higher and to never stop. I appreciate her never ending spirit but sometimes I strongly feel she will give up any moment, but then she resists.
Lost in the World: Double Standards
I have always witnessed her incredible, most affectionate and a very cute bond with her mother, but I do not know, I believe that her mother is now frustrated or may be hopeless, according to many her dreams are huge and unrealistic and may be my friend is getting a little depressed and turning into an irritating being but honestly when you keep talking and talking and there is no result, then you sound foolish, then its like “Oh this girl is lazy she is just making excuses , wasting her life and killing her precious time, bloody good for nothing, a burden on earth, why cant she behave and act normal, whats her damn problem, what on earth is she doing?” Trust me those words rip your soul apart. You know I  won’t say her family is wrong because all they want is her happiness and success so according to them her dreams are the culprit and even she understands their condition, but I always wonder what about her trauma, what she is going through is sad, her agony, misery, sufferance is unbearable. Whom to blame? I guess the fu*king society, this hypocrite world, meaningless, baseless rules, those who impose their stinking, rotten way of  living on others are worst, who have the capability to suck a person’s soul. Those hollow creatures with no morals, the darkness prevailing in this system, the wrong methods and what not. This all just pissed me off, so annoying. Isn’t it? I do not have any idea what’s there in life’s treasure box for her, but her relations which are getting affected adversely, her deep dark depression surrounding her is not due to her follies, these are the old wounds which are taking a lot of time in getting healed.
Lost in the World: Double Standards
I seriously wish if the hurdles that we have to face are created by us and not by all the other as*holes. Now she is right back to where she had started, life is such an unutterable hell.
Roaming in dark nights
Lifeless, heartless
an urge to rise
With the fear to fall
In the lifeless life
A soul of dreams ; 
Webbed in world 
Desire to fly
To scream, to cry,
Starts with a happiness to try..
Dreams or devils
Suffer or satisfy
Courageous or coward
Pain or endurance
In this cold war of experiences and hopes
The pain of back stabs
Or the strength of backbone
Makes this life tough 
But worth living..
An aspiring human on the formidable journey of Dreams, Holding a masters degree in English Literature, flowing her ink with a desire to metamorphose this planet into something empyrean.


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