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Looking For Love – Here’s What You Need To Know

Ladies and gentleman If you are planning for a special surprise for your loved ones, wait a while as we share you the rules of the must-have secret for these rosy days of Valentine. Be it’s your Wife or Girlfriend, Husband or Boyfriend, you would be surprised to know that this love could be celebrated with anyone who you love and is close to your heart.

Valentine’s day

phenomenon has liberally sprinkled its love powder on all of us. The hit days of love are not only on-screen with your favourite actors, but the love season is even noticed in high school teens and college lanes. One of the reasons why love week is celebrated; is the connectivity and comfort we feel with that special one. 

All of us must have done and yea, we do post adorable things for them. The chemistry, and most importantly, their presence is acknowledged.

So, what have you planned on this Valentine’s Day for your special someone? Not sure, we are here for your help. We shall tell you some of the great ideas for gifts. Just wait and watch!

For Mrs Boss :

If she is your boss of the home, then surely she deserves something special! It doesn’t matter if she’s a working lady or a housewife; after all, she’s your wonderful life partner. 

Now, here are some ideas:

  • Take her out to Dinning or arrange a candle night dinner at home itself. 
  • Cook her something special.
  • Take a leave or watch a movie with her. 

Wives are blissfully a bit complicated than your Gf, sounds crazy, but yes, a little luxury can woo her. Gold rings or earrings or beautiful bracelets can be a great present. If she is fond of beauty products, you can go for that too. The mission is to make her happy, after all.

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For Mr Husband

Think a little and you could bring back that sparkle to your love life by gifting him something he has not been expecting.

It could be some expensive gadgets like phones or watches. And how about being naughty on the lazy sheets, make the night worth by making the D night super hot. Think of some rose petals, scents, candles, set his mood and turn him on. 

For your Mr Ashique

Well if your boy is crazy for sports like football, basketball or even cricket, your work is halfway done, and so you can gift him the essentials of the sport. Is something adventurous popping up in your mind? And if yes, go for it then. Like bunk the classes and hit some excellent place like a beach party and dance with him. Let your breath intertwined and his fingers crawl your nape. Another beautiful idea for him is that any handmade gift or self-cooked food. Unless he is a food baby, he won’t be able to stop himself by being head over heels for you. 

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For your Barbie doll! 

You are wondering how to make your cutie pie fall for you? Then let the cream of love heat up your mood. Grab every other opportunity to spend the day together. 

You can also visit those places where you guys first met, where you guys first kissed and all those sweet memories baking up once again. Relive those good old days and make her feel special.

Women are beautiful layers of emotions. This Valentine, celebrate her love for you. So, if your girl is one who loves surprises and gifts, then don’t ever think to abort the plan. Gift her some pendant or rings, or even sweet-smelling perfumes too. Get your crazy pictures clicked together, dance to the tunes of love and life. You’ve got to enjoy your big day! 

I’m in love.

Love knows no boundaries. Love comes in different shapes, sizes and colours. We must have heard these lines in some part of our life. Some fall in love immediately, and others take time to trust. But trust guys, love is not a necessity; it’s life in itself. And apart from this, every one among us needs someone to share their inner feelings, dreams, someone to rely on, some strong shoulder to cry. So why not just dive right into what life calls for! This Valentine, live life in your terms, weaving paths that bring you only closer to her. Therefore, we are bringing you the best ideas for the best thing that ever happened to you. Here are some essential things to do that you can do to make a big difference or revive your good old days to get that sparkle again in your love life.

Happy Hug Day! 

The sixth day of Valentine’s week remarks hugs day. There are some couple who eagerly wait for this day to express their love, and for some, it’s the reliving and relaxing in togetherness. According to doctors, a hug a day a keeps the doctor away. Shocked? But yes, it’s true dear. The action of hug gives you a sense of belongingness and more often, the celebration of Valentine’s week is special among girls than boys. So, a hug lets the good hormone released, and it lifts up her mood. 

Find your love.

As Valentine is around the corner and love birds are already chirping, hasn’t lord Cupid shot you with his love arrow yet? 

If you have not found your man of dreams that you have been falling back, then go for him. To rear the gear of love cart, the Valentine week is all ready to go to empower the new couples. Make your crush your brand new boyfriend / Girlfriend. It’s never too late for cooking up rumours and being head turners for the campus stories. 

Know your Woman!

Some say loving a woman has never been easy. Some blame her demanding nature and others have different views! Take a cool breath and relax; just listen to your heart. If your heart says she’s the one, go after it. Love never knocks on the door. It just happens. The eyes meet, and you are left tongue-tied. It’s not your fault, but if you are meant to meet, you get a kismat connection signal — nevertheless these days, Valentine’s week rocks among the teen girls and boys than oldies. People go on dates, ask their love out. As you begin to spend quality time with her, get to know her closely. She has different shades. At times she’s an emotional wreck, at other she’s your Superpower! You just need to understand her. 

Know your Man! 

Since childhood men are taught not to cry, is it so? Most women think a man as emotionless creatures but hey gorgeous, wait a while, you’re wrong. Men do have emotions. Some show it less, and others are just unaware of how to channelise it. Even though some men show that they are strong enough and never show what they are undergoing, they are vulnerable.

Sometimes he wants motherly care, and at other times he wants a naughty girl, yet in others, he needs a matured lady who could solve his tender confusions and troubles of life.


Leave back all those worries, if you one of the men who is thinking to make her yours, go ahead. Yet in another case, if you’re Devdas for a year or more than that, then find the one who can bring you back to all the smiles. Hold her hands and build castles of love!

Karishma Maharana
Karishma Maharana
Hailed from Modern Kalinga- Odisha, Karishma loves writing. Based in Bhubaneshwar, she loves to cover on lifestyle, travelling, fashion, celeb gossips, relationships, and health. A Student trying to chill out her inner fire for writing, she has flawed flavor for universe than many. Find her on Instagram, and facebook. Live. Love. Laugh


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