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Love Just Happens!

Love just happens is the most used statement. In today’s world, our older generation often disagrees with us in most of the cases. But we are surprised to know that they agree with us on this statement. Love is a beautiful feeling with strong emotion which cannot be arranged.
In reality, love is hard to find and even harder to maintain as it cannot be arranged but can be destroyed due to strong factors such as misunderstanding, lies, etc.

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If we talk about the arranged marriage then it is not the natural love between the two persons. They are bound to love each other as they need to stay together. Here, love doesn’t mean love of a few minutes or for some time like children loves their toy for a small period of time. Here, love means a pure feeling that stays forever. We often say that we need to arrange everything according to the time. This simply means that everything in our life is needed to be arranged. But also loves sees no time. That means, love is nonarrangeable. We can arrange the things which are outer but not the things which are internal. It is all about the feeling.

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You don’t need a perfect reason to love someone nor you need a perfect excuse not to love someone. Love is a key to unlock every problem. It is an unchangeable feeling with memorable moments. Who says distance defines our love,  presence defines it, fight defines it or separation defines it, nothing defines it because love has no definition. It is not theoretical, it is only experimental and it can only be felt and not be arranged.

Well there is no option like that to fall in love with someone, it just happens suddenly and then everything seems beautiful around. Even when the path is full of obstacles you will only focus on this sweet feeling. There was a time when my thinking was a bit different that love is a choice of commitment with someone who suits you. Love is even much more than that. Love is something that makes you feel special when the person accepts you with your imperfections, that makes you stronger than before. Only God has the power to decide the right one for you. Life is not about always having joy and excitements, it does hit obstacles but when you face the wrong time your love will always be there for you in any situation. You will face a situation when there would be no-one taking your stand. Then your love is the one that will support or encourage you.

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Let us consider that there are many people who are very much focused on their work or someone who want to achieve something in their life. They decide not to fall in love with someone or something but can this happen. NO! they can ignore or delay it for sometime or they refuse to admit when they get affected by it. But surely one day or the other they are going to fall in love. We can’t resist the feeling that attracts us the most. It is a more strong and effective feeling. So, how can we run from it?
We often heard that if you want to make a culprit leave his habit of stealing or a lier to stop lying or someone to leave him any habit, the only solution of this is by love. Affectionately showing him what is right and what is wrong, and treating him with love and concern as love has so much of power to change anyone.

By knowing these factors and proof we know that love has power and when something has power then how can we resist it. It has its own power of influencing someone. How much ever we say that we should control our emotions but we can’t. The world changes when you fall in love. No, I don’t say that you listens to music in the background but you keep thinking of that person. You get attach to his or her belongings. You are ready to change for him or her. Love is a beautiful feeling which has a power of performing miracles. We want to belong to someone and make that other one belonged to us. Even though some people deny it, they know deep in their heart that love just happens.

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