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Way to a Blissful Married Life through Feng Shui

Who on this earth wouldn’t be willing to lead a happy married life? Almost nobody, I think so. But I personally always used to believe that a happy married life is a huge myth. Did you just ask why so? Well, to answer this, let me clarify that I’m a firm believer of fate and fortune. I believe that no matter what we do, our destiny is always designed by God; he’s the one who decides what we should get and what we shouldn’t. Of course, karma plays a huge role in the formation of God’s plan of our fate. But whatever is written is written; we cannot do anything about that.

Way to a Blissful Married Life through Feng Shui

But lo! There do exist several ways to do modifications in one’s fate and fortune. Yes, you have heard it right. It is possible to change one’s fate; that too in quite easy ways. But alas, there is not much awareness regarding the same. So, let’s discuss one of such coolest and easiest ways. Feng Shui is a remarkable way to ameliorate one’s destiny. Here in this article, I’m going to tell you that how one can lead a happy married life with the help of Feng Shui. Sounds interesting, right? So, let’s begin with the discussion.

What is Feng Shui?

Way to a Blissful Married Life through Feng Shui

Although Feng Shui is a fashionable term these days, still there exist many people who haven’t heard this term. So,let me first tell you “what is Feng Shui”. Well, Feng Shui is an ancient system of art and science, just like astrology, which focuses on balancing the energies surrounding a person or place. It is basically a Chinese practice, which is now practiced worldwide. Feng Shui mainly operates on the basic idea that the world is full of numerous unwanted and unfavourable cum malefic forces, which aim at blocking the flow of positive energies. So, Feng Shui is a study that deals with the concept of harmony between life and energies.

Connection of Feng Shui with Marriage

Whatever we do in our life has the influence of different energies; also, it results in the formation of different types of energies. So, our life is no way isolated from those disembodied forces, called energies. To talk about marriage, it can be said that marriage is a sanctified affair in which myriad energies bump and conflate. There cannot be any exemplum more apt. than marriage in which different forces take new form. The whole process of the collision of energies greatly affect the lives of the newly – wed bride and groom along with their respective families.

Way to a Blissful Married Life through Feng Shui
Upset couple

It oftentimes happens that the energies of the bride and the groom are full of detestation for each other, and consequently the energies repel. It results in quarrels between the couple; also, in many cases, either or both the partners stay frustrated and disturbed all the time. The mix and match of the wrong energies between the husband and the wife generally lead to mental and physical disturbances, along with sexual unfulfillment. Being a science focusing on maintaining a balance between energies, Feng Shui plays a great role in improving one’s married life. By following a few Feng Shui tips, one can get rid of the disturbances affecting one’s married life (if any). If your married life is already full of warmth, then you can grace it quite more with the help of Feng Shui. So, let me share some highly useful Feng Shui tips with my dear readers that are enough to spice up one’s married life.

Feng Shui Tips to Add Spark to your Married Life

Given below are some useful Feng Shui tips that can add spark to your married life:

Add romantic colours to the bedroom.

Bedroom Feng Shui

The couple’s bedroom should always be painted in aesthetically pleasing cum romantic colours like, pink, light purple, saffron, mustard, turquoise, sea green, etc. Such colours create a soothing environment, which induces positivity, and romance.

Avoid placing mirror in the bedroom.

Way to a Blissful Married Life through Feng Shui

As in the modern times, couples generally keep a huge mirror attached to the dressing table in their bedroom, so this cannot be completely avoided. In such a case, couples should avoid placing a mirror on either of the sides of the bed. Also, it is advised to cover the mirror at night with some cloth. This is because it is believed that it creates several troubles in one’s married life, if the couple’s reflection gets reflected in the mirror at night. One cannot directly comment that whether it is true or a mere myth; but prevention is always better than cure.

Use single bed, bedsheet & pillow.


It might sound a bit odd; but according to Feng Shui, couples should always use a single bed, a single bedsheet and a single pillow. It strengthens the love bond between the couples.

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Avoid placing a television in the bedroom.


The right place of a television is in the drawing room. But these days, couples prefer keeping a television in their bedroom. As television is an electronic device, it emits several such rays that attract negative energies, which create rifts amid the married couple. So, it is advised not to keep a television in the bedroom. But in case one keeps, one should cover the television at night. Also, one should unplug the television before sleeping.

Make the surroundings fragrant.

 Feng Shui

Adding delightful fragrances to the couple’s bedroom is a great way to create a positive halo around the couple. It creates a serene and sensuous environment, which sparkles one’s marital life.

Light attractive candles.

 Feng Shui

Lighting up attractive candles in the couple’s bedroom is believed to be one of the highly effective ways of arousing love and romance in one’s marital life. It is advised that every evening one should light pink or red candles in one’s bedroom. But remember, the candles should always be lit in pairs.

Place the couple’s photos in the bedroom.

Bedroom Feng Shui

Seeing happy and positive memories all around makes one addicted to that happiness and positivity, and therefore one is forced to maintain that.That’s why according to Feng Shui, it is advised that in order to lead a blissful married life, one should keep one’s and one’s partner’s happy photos in one’s bedroom. Seeing such photos of oneself with one’s partner all the time makes one long to re-live such moments again and again. This, in a way, aids in strengthening the love bond.

This much of tips, I think, are enough to add spark to your married life. I hope you’ll take these tips seriously and will try them at least for once. I’m sure that these Feng Shui tips will improve your married life to some extent.

Wishing you a blissful married life!

Thank You! 😊

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