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LinkedIn Carousel Posts: An Effective Way of Professional Networking

Carousel posts are new features of LinkedIn. This is a kind of format where a LinkedIn user can add multiple images and videos in a single post to create a visually engaging experience for their audience. Members can view images and videos in the carousel by sweeping across them or waiting until the carousel switches to the next image or video automatically. Here in this article, we will go through everything about LinkedIn carousel posts. So stick till the end.

How carousel posts are different from other posts?

Carousel posts are a more effective way to attract LinkedIn members. Here user can advertise their posts in a simple effective way or designed way. It is also found that the engagement rate for carousel posts is comparatively higher than for another post. Compare to other traditional post these carousel posts are more interactive. Users spend more time looking at them, thus increasing your viewers and also validating your content.

How to post LinkedIn carousel posts?

Following is the whole procedure on how to post LinkedIn carousel posts step by step.

Step 1: At first go to your LinkedIn homepage. In the case of a desktop clicks the Carousel icon in the share box at the top of the LinkedIn home page. If you use the mobile tap post in the navigation bar and then tap Create a carousel.

In case you don’t see it there click on Start a post on the desktop, then click on the More icon and then Create a carousel. In mobile, if you don’t see it simply click on the More icon and then Create a carousel.

Step 2: After completion of the first step you will see the option Choose files, click it. Now you can select files up to 20 and can add them.

Step 3:  In the case of the desktop after adding photos or videos you can

Reorder: You can reorder your photos or videos by clicking and dragging the Reorder icon.

ALT: Also can add alternative text to the photos for members using voice-over screen readers by clicking ALT.

Delete: If you show any unnecessary photos you can delete them by clicking the Deleting option.

Closed captions: In the case of videos, you can attach an SRT file just by clicking Closed captions.

In the case of mobile after adding images or videos you can,

Edit: To edit your images tap the Edit icon where you can crop, straighten, apply filters, or adjust the photo.

Text: Tap the Text icon to add text to your images or videos.

Add link: You can also add a URL and optional link text to your post by clicking the Link 🔗 icon.

ALT:  Click the ALT to add alternative text to photos for members using voice-over screen readers.

Trim: In the case of videos you can trim the start and stop time of your video by pressing the scissors icon and dragging the trim bars.

Stickers: Tap the sticker icon to add stickers to your video.

Add: If you want to add more files than you choose before, tap the + icon.

Tap the more icon on the bottom page where you can,

Tag: You can also tag another member or organization by tapping the Tag icon.

Reorder: Here you can select Reorder and then can reorder your images or videos.

Delete: Tap the Delete icon and confirm your action to delete a video or photo.

Step 4: Now click Done to preview your carousel.

You can again go back to the editing page to reorder, delete or add images or videos by clicking the Edit icon.

Click the ✖️ Close icon in the preview to delete all the files you added to the post only if you want.

Step 5: In this step tape the visibility dropdown next to your name in the popup. Here you can select who you want to share the post with in the Who can see your post? pop up.

Step 6: Finally in this step tap the Post to post your carousel.

In this way, anyone can simply post a carousel post on LinkedIn.

Top 10 ideas for LinkedIn carousel posts

Here are the top 10 ideas for LinkedIn carousel posts:


Infographics can be one of the most useful ways for your carousel posts. People are attracted more to designing images than words. Through infographics, you can easily convey your messages to your audience.

Company culture

You can represent your work, the company’s work culture, employees, achievements, and many other details about your organization in your post. It will make your audience more interested and connected.

Tell a story

You can tell your audience a story related to your content. Tell a story about all the struggles and obstacles that your company overcome to reach today’s position. It will make your audience feel your values or emphasis and thus will connect the relationship.

Question and answer

You can also take some common questions from your audience and put them into your carousel posts with proper answers. By doing this you will able to clear their doubts and make them curious to learn more about your organization or services.

Call to action

It is very important to include a call of action that adds value to your business at the end of the carousel posts. This will help you to reach more audiences as these posts cover a huge part of the user’s screen and hence are difficult to miss or overlook.

Demonstration of your products

Carousel posts are the best way for demonstrating your products. Through these, you can display various products and services to grab the audience attraction at a time.

Share customer stories

You can post feedback or customer reviews on your products. This builds your organization more trustable and will also help people to compare things and to choose the best.

Emphasis on trending topics

People are easily attracted to trending things. So try to focus on making the connection between your products and the new trending topics and activities. Thus you can grab more attention towards your products.

Lead generation

Try to show the necessity of your products through your post. Come up with ideas that help the audience to imagine the importance of your products in their lives. Thus you can easily convert your audience into customers.

Try to avoid animation

Instead of using animated videos to describe your products use real content. This will attract more customers and relieve them from trust issues.


This time is competitive. It is very necessary to use more business or marketing strategies or ideas to attract the audience to your products or business. Carousel posts take special importance in this. You can use many ideas to explore this post and make it more effective.

Hope this article is beneficial to you.

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