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30 Blog Post Ideas For Food Bloggers

The fusion of all the varied cuisines has resulted in an enormous revolution when it comes to the food industry. Due to the revolutionised change, every foodie can be called a food blogger in their own universe. Food bloggers enhance our lifestyle. It is absolutely mesmerizing to see how the modern age is dependent upon them for their dining.

Every one of them is a food critic of their own and hence it gets difficult to distinguish the best ones, as everyone has a good amount of following. Therefore, we can go with the instinct and relish the posts of our favourite bloggers.

Here we have brainstormed some innovative ideas to help the bloggers with their posts to outshine the crowd.


Japanese Cuisine Food with Sushi, Soy Sauce and Tsukemono
30 Blog Post Ideas For Food Bloggers
  1. Apart from the mainstream posts of food from various food joints, edited in the most natural way possible, a food blogger can talk about one of the recipes that they find interesting. Now the recipes can be a simple text-format but a video of preparing the same can help.
  2. The recipes can also be about a favourite childhood dish, so that the mothers can relate with them. They can cook the same for their kids and ultimately keep a lookout for more at a blogger’s handle.
  3. It never hurts to add a modern touch to an antique recipe. Anything that can activate the taste buds of foodies, will be loved by all of them no matter how silly, easy, or weird it can be.
  4. One can simply do a blog on how to avoid packaged food and simply DIY in an innovative way. This can include one of the recipes with prep tips to spur the audience on.
  5. We have a never-ending variety of mocktails, juices and mixed drinks. A blogger can simply get the recipe from its sources and try to replicate the same at home. This approach never fails as foodies definitely have a favorite when it comes to beverages.
  6. Along with the simple recipes, a blogger can get its hands on a new difficult recipe altogether and try to make it in the simplest way possible. The new inpatient generation hardly strives for complexity and dies for compact ideas.
  7. An idea could also be to pick up one ingredient or a set of ingredients, for that matter and stick to them for a series of recipes. It can prove out to be highly flavorsome.
  8. There are times when everyone comes across a situation they don’t know how to get out of. It could be something to do with baking. A food blogger can help out by posting some tips along with the recipes to ensure that its audience does not go through the same troubles. 
  9. Feeding a crowd can take a toll on the funds to be spent. A blogger can share a series of recipes or tips to assist in this situation on how to cook on a budget and still manage to impress the guests.
  10.  Trying a multitude of desserts can not go wrong in a thousand lifetimes. Desserts are the kitchen of foodies and to reach there, a blogger can post dessert recipes every week or month.
  11. Exotic ingredients are called exotic for a reason and therefore they are not used much in daily cooking. A food blogger can turn around its usage by making a recipe with one of these ingredients. This can enlighten the audience.
  12. The bloggers can definitely share traditional recipes being followed in their families. Writing about them can help the audience connect with the blogger on a personal level. It can turn out to be quite appreciative.
  13. A pre-designed menu for an event or a festival coming up can be shared officially. The bloggers can then stick to the menu and post the recipes for everyone’s cooking. It can include a three-course meal.
  14. Some ingredients can be challenging and the blogger can write about how to clean and store it. This is unusual and a quick tip about the same can go a long way and it can be a trend to share one such ingredient in timely intervals.
  15. Food challenges are in vogue and therefore, a blogger can keep up with a streak of healthy food intake for a considerable while and gain the attention of fitness freaks.


Oktoberfest food - sausage, beer and bretzel
30 Blog Post Ideas For Food Bloggers
  1. A campaign about documenting a day in the life of a food blogger can go a long way. A blogger can effectively share the entire routine and the food intake for a day in any format possible.17.
  2. Reviewing famous restaurants and dishes is the priority and it can be redefined by following up a story on the history of a restaurant or a dish so as to get to the roots and market the sentiment attached to the place.
  3. Top Fives or Tens of a specific food item can be really impactful in terms of food blogging. Most of food bloggers are following this policy to improve the traffic on their websites.
  4. Cookbook reviews can be another idea by famous chefs and replicating those recipes with their links shared on the website can help a lot. Discussing the current cookbooks that a blogger is using for its recipes can help the readers for reference purposes.
  5. Interviews of chefs from renowned food joints along with documenting foodies’ favourite recipes in real-time can help woo the audience in no time.
  6. Affiliating with other bloggers and doing a series of recipes with them or simply preparing their signature dishes. Collaboration is a great way to enhance approach and recommending or featuring other major bloggers can do the trick.
  7. Since the food bloggers are divided by region, one can always talk about the ways and favorite dishes of the regional people. It can also include grocery shopping in a particular area.
  8. Organizing and documenting the kitchen space can be another way of doing something unique clubbed with cleaning and organising tips and having a live session for the same.
  9. A food blogger can outstand by having a theme revolving around its posts and photographing each post vividly. Sharing the progress of the photos depicts aesthetics.
  10. The readers would wish to get to know the blogger along with its journey and one shall document the same. It can be about how the blogger started loving food and ultimately came up with a blog.
  11. There exist several kitchen ingredients for skincare. A new post can reflect on the amazing blend between kitchen items and skincare such as masks and toners.
  12. With a desire to go fit, the gym industry is flourishing and therefore, it becomes imperative for a food blogger to feature the gym diet from time to time. Therefore a blogger can discuss the exercise routine with healthy food as a new campaign.
  13. This brings us to vitamins and supplements and discussing their pros and cons. This too falls under the category of food blogging in some way or the other and a fruitful debate is much needed on this issue.
  14. Gifting food can be extremely thoughtful and tiresome at the same time. A food blogger can discuss what hand-made food items to gift and how to prepare them with time constraints.
  15. Exploring outdoor cooking, doing podcasts, handing out a guide for an event such as a birthday party can also be some of the finest ways to refine a food blog in a small amount of time offering utmost variation.

There can be a ton of blog post ideas for food bloggers as the foodie world is innovative beyond imagination.

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