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How to Make Your Life Sing the Lyrics of Success?

Humans have the power to change the world. We only need to understand how to make it happen. The cards are released and the truth is out in the open. Make your dreams come true starting today.

Over a billion population live on this planet, but only a few are able to make their way to the top. You must have always wondered, what separates a person who comes bottom in the class with the one who leads in every field? These are two stories about two different people but coming from the exact same species i.e. human. We possess the same organs, the brain, senses, and heart. Being someone without any disabilities, you should be or rather each of us should be able to achieve our dreams and goals. So, why does there exists a huge gap between the number of people who dream to win and the number of people who actually win in life? Fortunately, the answer lies within our grasp and it is more connected to us than we ever imagined.

Most of you enjoy music to feel at peace and be stress-free for a brief moment. Music transcends you into a world created through the lyrics and imagination. We all know just how beautiful a song seems to us when we are able to connect with it in the best possible manner. Goosebumps occur when we hear our favorite song. Tears flow unstoppable when we listen to the emotions within a song.

Imagine what kind of energy must a singer be receiving and transmitting; the one who is the source of all this energy, who is responsible for creating our imagination world, the one who is the creator of one magical universe. For every singer out there in the world, there are more than a million followers. One guy sings to the world, while millions of others listen. The answer to our question lies in this very moment. The answer lies in the observation of the personality and behaviour of the singer himself, as he walks onto the stage to create a new world.

One guy sings to the world, while millions of others listen.

People who have good observation skills must be knowing that the world is different at every single moment in life. A person who seem to be doing all well at a certain moment, suddenly changes. A surge of energy is observed in his or her way of talking. Sometimes people unknowingly alter their behaviour depending upon the way other people behave around him. We are flexible when it comes to transforming ourselves with respect to situations around us. A singer has two different personalities which are totally different in every way. One is when the singer is backstage, lost in thoughts and praying for the audition to go well. The other is when he or she walks onto the stage and starts singing.

We observe a spectacular change in behaviour and body language. A quiet and calm person suddenly erupts range of frequencies to the audience. The silent audience, receiving the frequency is now jumping and shouting out of excitement for the performer. The entire auditorium is converted into a concert hall in a matter of few seconds. Once the song is finished, the singer returns back to being a quiet and calm person. However, the energy is already passed on to the world. People appreciate the beauty and power in the environment. The game changes in the first few seconds, the effects last longer than a decade.

Say, you have a goal you wish to achieve by the end of the year. Maybe you are planning to achieve your dream in the coming new year. We all are passionate enough to achieve our goals, no doubt about that but there seems to be a loophole. Out of 10 people, only a few are able to make it to the winning stage which proves that majority of the population is assuming techniques which are not effective enough to make you win. You cannot solve the problem with the same temperament with which you created the problem. The need of the hour is to jump out of our comfort zone and make some core changes in our lifestyle.

When you are on the field and making important decisions regarding your life which are concerned about your goals, never compromise! You can enjoy your life, sleep for long hours, play as much sport as you wish, eat as much delicious food as you want but when a soldier is on a mission to protect something important to him the soldier never compromises. Similarly, it is your duty to protect your dream and goals. A single mistake then would cost you billions in real value. A potential idea can make you a billionaire if protected and fed in proportionate manner.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]The game changes in the first few seconds, the effects last longer than a decade.[/beautifulquote]

On that thought, I would like to encourage all of you to make some bold resolutions this year. Make the most prior desire manifest into reality this new year. Observe your behaviour and control your body language. Think in favour of achieving your goals when you feel trapped in life. Spread as much energy out of your work as you can, it will return to you back with rewards. A single step taken by you in the direction of improvement, will make this world rejoice every time.


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