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AJMER – The City Of Love


Kesariya balam padharo mahare desh- A song which truly signifies the royalty and gesture which anyone is going to feel as soon as he enters the land of Rajasthan-Ajmer. A place where royals have bestowed their love, bravery, culture, intelligence making it the royal heritage. It was established by the Chauhans of Sambhar. It is surrounded by the beautiful Aravalis giving a beautiful picture to be captured in your memories. No matter how much your memory gets filled but loads of selfies and pictures  will continue as you travel by Ajmer.

Surrounding religious places personify beauty of Ajmer

AJMER - The City Of Love

KHWAJA SAHAB KI DARGAH – The famous religious place which has made Ajmer the  international  destination. The  beauty, peace gives a soulful happiness as you meet baba  shahab. The  place never  distinguishes  between any human and  welcomes  with open arms.

AJMER - The City Of Love

DEGH – No matter what, if you talk about a big matka here, then you can see the food being prepared for the JAYREENS who come for IBADAT. 

AJMER - The City Of Love

Jannati  Darwaza-  A beautiful gate that takes you to JANNAT.

AJMER - The City Of Love

ADHAI DIN KA JHOPRA- A mosque  built in two and half day. A beautiful  example of indo-islamic architecture. It was designed by Abu-Bakhr. It is situated near Dargah.

AJMER - The City Of Love

MARKET–The  lanes surrounding are truly taking you to the ancient time providing you a perfect glimpse of ancient  history.

AJMER - The City Of Love

SONI  JI KI NASIYAN- Rich Jain temple dedicated to lord Rishab Dev in which the main chamber is  called SWARNA NAGRI. The architecture of this building is filled with gold. The entrance gate of the temple is made of red sand stone brought from Karauli. In front of the gateway is the marble staircase, leading to the main temple, which is embellished with the images of the Tirthankaras.


AJMER - The City Of Love

GOL PYAU- Foodies gather at this point, which is filled with roadside stalls of ethnic street food. Nearby museum welcomes you with its grand doors called DWARS which will take you to the Mughal era.  “Aji shaddi ki shopping karni hai toh sa athike aa jayiye thane sab saman chokho mil jayego”  is a very common line to hear from AJMERITIES.

AJMER - The City Of Love TARAGARH FORT-  The king of hills holding the royals of the Chauhan dynasty.

AJMER - The City Of Love

MAYO COLLEGE- One of the royal schools of India, where the children of the royal families study.

PUSHKAR Thirth Raj, a place where Lord Brahma welcomes you with open arms saying that “I am always with you.” The roads which takes you to this holy destination will never bore you as lots of monkeys await you to have a beautiful entertainment with their haughty activities. The beauty truly portrays the miracles that this land has witnessed. Pujaris on the streets, chanting of mantras in large number of temples, smell of beautiful flowers, and yes how to forget the foodies while the yummy Malpua is always ready to go inside your tummy. Markets are filled with Marwadi culture, taking you to the typical ancient time.

How can I forget to tell you about the Ghats which is one of the main attractions which are 52 in number!

AJMER - The City Of Love

PUSHKAR FAIR- “EK BAAR TOH ANA BANTA HAI”Melas are  always  a live movie where action, love, climax thrills you with enjoyment. No matter what, if you have not gone to a mela, its an open mall with lots of discounts and variety of services. Yes the street food with cheap rates will give your pocket an immense pleasure.






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