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Job Search for Beginners: 8 effective tips

For your whole life, you have been hearing, once you are through college life becomes easy. But Alas! as it happens the actual struggle starts after you complete your college. When you are done with college you start to look for jobs suitable for you. But in today’s world job search for beginners has become very difficult. With the increase in competition and a drop in economic conditions, jobs have become much more scarce. For a beginner, who has no prior experience, getting a job thus becomes much more difficult. So here we have 8 most effective tips to help you win your desired job as a beginner.

Job Search for beginners: 8 tips

Have clear career goals

You should be very clear about what you wish to do post-college. You should plan out your career as per your preferences. Your career plan should include the types of jobs you wish to pursue. Your plan should also speak of the companies you wish to work with. This will help you have a clear idea regarding where and when you should apply during your job search. To help you with your goals you can reach out to your peers and connections who have similar interests as you. You can even refer to the internet to set goals for job search.

Plan out your job search activities

Job Search for Beginners: 8 effective tips

When starting your job search as a beginner, you need to have a proper plan regarding how and when you will be applying. Organize yourself and your schedule to more easily look for work. Determine how many hours you’re going to spend on job search or how many hours you are going to devote to networking. Try to schedule your activities on a weekly basis and do stick to your plan.

Resume and Cover letter : Your introduction

In the professional world, your curriculum vitae or resume is your first formal introduction to the job world. So, you need to have a properly structured resume and a cover letter before you start your job search. There are many samples and formats available online for you to refer to structure your cv. While structuring your cv, remember to keep it to the point with no extra words. When speaking of your experiences or internships, you can use power words to have more impact. In your resume, clearly highlight your skills relevant to the job, this will make your cv more preferable. To make your job search more fruitful, you should have references in your cv. Your references will speak on your behalf if required, so properly select your references. You should also seek help from your peers to proofread your cv and also suggest improvements as required. There are many professional bits of help available to frame your cv. These days, a Linkedin profile also acts as your resume in the online world. So, always keep your Linkedin profile up to date with your skills and experiences.

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Apply using all Job search resources

With the advancements in technology, applying for jobs has also upgraded multiple levels. These days, not only do we have offline applications but also different online application portals. To help your job search as a beginner, you need to make your account in all job search portals. These online portals collect all available openings for you to choose from. So, once you create your account, you need to mention your preferences clearly, so that you get to see all jobs relevant to your profile. While creating a profile, you should also upload your updated resume. This will help you apply to all potential job openings without hassle.

Research your company and update your CV

When applying for any job opening, you should always research the company. This will help you learn about the company and relate your skills with the available job at hand. Once you learn about the job opening, you should revise your cv to highlight skills relevant to the job. Your description in cv and cover letter should clearly highlight how you are the right fit for the job.

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Establish and maintain networks

A very important part of the job search for beginners is having a well-distributed network. If you have well-established networks, then learning about job opportunities becomes easier. So, you should try and connect with more relevant people from different walks of life. These days with different social media sites connecting with people has become very easy. Linkedin is one of the social media sites which promotes professional networks.

Be confident about the role

When looking for jobs as a beginner, you need to apply for jobs with confidence. As a beginner you may not be well versed with all required skills, but you should be confident about the role. In many cases, people are hired because of their interest level and their eagerness to learn. Employers look for motivated, eager, enthusiastic, team players who will work towards the organizations goals. So if you are well versed with the deliverables from the role, you may get hired for meeting at least a few requirements.

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Be well prepared for your interview

Getting a call for the interview is like your final exam. So you need to prepare well for your interview. Before heading into you interview hall, you should have a verbal introduction ready. The way you introduce yourself and speak about your skills makes a lasting impact on the panel. Your introduction can decide the fate of your interview. During the interview, be confident and speak the truth. Your confidence speaks a lot about your personality. You should also prepare basic technical and human resource related questions that you may face to have a better grip on the interview.

Getting a job in today’s scenario is very difficult. Fresh out of college, with no experiences, the chances of securing a job becomes worse. But on the bright side, you as a fresher bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table which is appreciated in all organizations. So, don’t worry and prepare well for your job search as a beginner.

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