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Ladies, Holding on the idea of the woman you thought you should be?

We all are unique and it is this uniqueness that defines who we are. The uniqueness of each of us is reflected in what we do first thing in the morning, how we look at our homes just before leaving, how we live the day and how at the end of it some of us choose to sit on the balconies sipping a cup of tea/coffee, some choose to go to beach and some party. There is absolutely nothing in being what we are. The bottom line is we need to and we should love ourselves in all form, all shapes and sizes and all shades. Sounds quiet idealistic right? Bet you were looking at your phone waiting for someone to call!

Well, nothing to be embarrassed about as this is all of us. All the girls out there. But have you ever wondered how it would feel like to stop for a minute and think as to why we are seeking acceptance from someone else? After all we are just bones and skins or basically humans put into simple words who are here living our lives. Are the jobs not hard enough that we are putting more pressure on us? This is correctly defined in a recent video gone viral by Sarah Kay in her brutally true poem “The Type”. In this she has made a very valid point saying that are you still holding to the girl you wanted to be? A little thinner, fairer, funnier? Are you wishing that he would come back? But let us ponder over one fact, why do you want something to come back? Would you reuse the jeans that tore apart again no matter how much you loved it? No, right? So why go back to a person?  Check it out below.


After watching this, it makes one wonder whether “the type of person you wanted to be” wants to be you? May be you are much better than that thought. Look at the mirror and for just one time take a look at how far you have come. And please don’t stop there. You still have a very long way to go. Self-acceptance and acceptance of how things are currently rather than wondering how they should be is the key to happiness. If you don’t love yourself then who would? Be a person of confidence, improve on your skills. Life is more than just looking picture perfect dear! It is about growing into a better self than you were yesterday.

Apply makeup if it is what you want and not impress someone else. Because at the night when you are asleep it is all going to come off by self and then you would want someone to be with you in your natural form. Whoever said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, he could not have been more accurate.

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