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I found Myself

Everyone goes through changes, so did I;
Have a look *HoW*, give a thought *WhY*.

Knickers in a twist, and a double heart beat,
won’t ever let you perform well, won’t let you succeed!

Cribbing and crying,
falling and never flying;
Sad and depressed,
happiness never expressed!

I used to shed tears for the pains given by lord,
but now I hug life, for every smile it brought.

Positivity of my soul, shines in my eyes,
I’m thankful for every blessing, happiness always somewhere lies.

From Silencer to a Chatterbox,
But in a positive sense;
Thoughts and imagination when expressed,
Have a value which is immense.

I’m no more the girl, sitting near the window alone
No more the girl, who tries to escape.
No more the girl, who wears a mask of *All is Well*
Making sure, that her smile doesn’t look fake.

Becoming self confident, ain’t a cake walk;
Obstacles will surely come, Life will laugh and mock.
That mockery isn’t to let you down,
Or to make you feel low.
It’s just to give you strength and a belief,
That you still too far can go.

The road to success is never an easy one,
don’t lose hope, the journey has just begun!

People come and people go,
Life doesn’t stop, keep going with the flow.
You’re not always wrong,
Don’t feel bad and blame;
It either is God’s set exam, Or Life’s testing game.

Love yourself the most, make efforts to self adore;
everyone possesses faults within, the beautiful heart must be pure!

Stand bold and keep fighting,
What matters is, Self Trust.
Use it as a thrust, To do what you must.

You are worthy, more than you have ever known,
You are worthy, more than the world has ever shown.
Let the world fear you,
Take a charge now.
Decide the WHY on your own,
Stay stronger, you know HOW.


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