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I am sorry

I am sorry for the times I hurt you,
I am sorry for all the pain,
I am sorry for all the hate and the unnecessary disdain.
I am sorry for being rude,for being selfish and mean,
I am sorry for making you feel unwanted and unseen.
I am sorry for not trusting and for breaching your trust,
I am sorry for being annoying and for asking for too much.
I am sorry that I could not be all that you wanted,
I am sorry for the times you felt disappointed.
But are you sorry too for what you did to me,
Are you sorry for the darkness,the nightmare you made me see?
I said I am sorry to hurt you and to cause you pain,
but didn’t you hurt me as much because our love for you was just a game.
I had been rude,I had been selfish and mean,
but it was only after you showed me the side of you so inhuman and unclean.
I left you,I didn’t trust you,but it’s not me who you should blame,
Because didn’t you do the same,not once, but again and again.
You seemed all perfect,all flawless and good,
But you were not there when I needed you,and you never understood.
I didn’t ask for too much,I just wanted you to be there,
but you failed to do so and you never seemed to care.
So,I am sorry that we could not be together,
I am sorry because it wasn’t meant forever.


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