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Names of Religious building

In this world, we have a dozen of  Religions in different countries. Each Religion has its own Way of prayers and different face of god. each has its own rules and traditions in society. Religion has its own type of building or a place where the god is get worshipped . People use these places to do prayers and to express their religious activities. Most interesting thing is that Each type of building has its own way of Exterior structure and design.


  • Abbey – a building occupied by Monk (a person who practices religious asceticism, living either alone) or nuns and run by abbot or abbess.
  • Basilica – a type of early Christian church.
  • cathedral – the main church in an area and the seat of the bishop.
  • Chapel – a place of worship within a large building, or a nonconformist.
  • church – a building used for public worship by Christians.
  • Convent or nunnery – the home of a community of nuns.
  • Dagoba – a Buddhist shrine.
  • Friary – home to friars, members of a religious order.
  • Meeting House – a place where certain religious groups, such as Quaker gather.
  • Monastery – the home to a religious community of monks.
  • Mosque – a Muslim place of worship
  • Pagoda – an eastern temple
  • Priory –  a religious house run by a prior, it may be under the control of an abbey.
  • Shrine – a place of worship connected with a sacred person or saint. it may contain sacred objects or relics.
  • Synagogue – a building for Jewish religious services.
  • Tabernacle – a house or tent used for worship, named after the tent used by the Israelites to cover the Ark of the covenant.
  • Temple – a place of worship dedicated to a particular god or gods, also sometimes used instead of synagogue.
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